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London-based Anthony Gold Solicitors is representing several women with claims for personal loss and damage.
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I always thought it was going to be easy as pie to get pregnant – especially since my mother had so many children, well into her 40s!
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The MHRA received 1,607 complaints about the implant going wrong, some from doctors deeply concerned that the devices are difficult to insert and that it is impossible to check if they are correctly installed because they are invisible to X-rays.Implanona€™s manufacturer MSD, a subsidiary of global pharmaceutical giant Merck, has now replaced it with an updated product called Nexplanon, which has a new pre-loaded applicator and can be detected by X-ray or CT scan. They are especially popular with teenagers, with 10 per cent of 16 to 19-year-olds saying they prefer an implant because they do not have to remember to take a pill.Around 80,000 women use implants of the same type as Implanon. Last night a woman who had the implant, named only as Lara to protect her identity, told of her trauma when she later discovered she was pregnant.a€?I feel very very disturbed a€“ hitting my head on the table,a€™ she told Channel 4 news. My mind was so disturbed a€“ thinking why is this happening to me?a€™Laraa€™s marriage collapsed and she suffered nightmares for months after having a termination.

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