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So I got to moderate a panel on Fluids in Sepsis with such luminaries as Manny Rivers, Dave Gaieski, Phillipe Rola, and Terry Clemmer. Since I felt some of the key messages were slightly askew, I wanted to debrief with my friend Phillipe Rola.
I wanted to be extra sure about this one before sending it to Paul, so I reached out to the brilliant Dr.
I agree with your thoughts, Ia€™ll try not to be too random in my response as a Stewartite. One of the many attractions of the Stewart quantitative approach to acid-base (Stewart 2009) is that one does not have to do hydrogen ion accounting.
The same applies to the intracellular environment (Magder 2009) including skeletal muscle at maximal exercise or any lactate producing cell in sepsis. When I say that I learned to take my time in a gunfight, I do not wish to be misunderstood, for the time to be taken was only that split fraction of a second that means the difference between deadly accuracy with a sixgun and a miss. The mind palace, also known as the memory palace or the memory theatre, is something I want badly!
Technology should surely have advanced to the point where this is simple–the programming requirements are trivial. My keynote lecture at SMACC-Chicago was on OODA loops and the supremacy of System I for resuscitation.
Resuscitative REBOA is interesting, but was probably too complex for Resus Doctors--well not anymore!
In this 3rd post for JanuAirway, I am joined by airway educator extraordinaire: George Kovacs.
A case of anatomically and physiologically difficult airway presented live at #EMCritConf 2015.

There is a ton to speak about regarding vasopressors, but before we get to the edge cases, we need to set-up a foundation.
Today on the podcast, I address the last little bit from my SMACC lecture on the new management of the intra-arrest: hemodynamic, individualized dosing of epinephrine. This is the another of the Laryngoscope as a Murder Weapon lectures; though in this case it is really more of an aggravated assault.
In this podcast, we discuss all things related to the crashing, critically ill patient in the Emergency Department. The panel was incredibly interesting, but in some ways exemplified treatment pathways that I don’t quite agree with. Phillipe is a self-described Internist-Intensivist, mad sonographer, ducatista and Brazilian Jujitsu aficionado.
What determines hydrogen ion concentration (and pH) in body fluids (plasma, interstitial AND intracellular) is the partial pressure of carbon dioxide, the strong-ion-difference, and the total weak acids (Stewart 2009). In plasma, lactate is a strong anion and acts like chloride in quantitative acid-base assessment. If lactate increases without a change in other ions the strong-ion-difference will decrease and acidity will increase. I’ve kept it off the podcast so I would have something unheard to discuss when I come to visit a program. Reoxygenation and Delayed Sequence Intubation in the Emergency Department, I outlined a concept which I called: the vent as a bag. Ever since I read the incredible book, the Art of Memory by Frances Yates, I have dreamed of building a mind palace.
I couldn’t see my notes while rerecording and I said Boyd was a Navy Pilot, when of course he was air force.

Listen to this podcast for a discussion of the paper and the things we have learned since the original DSI podcast. But… sometimes the weapon he chooses, in his war against perceived pseudo-axioms, is hyperbole.
Why would we use the unpredictable and unmeasured BVM, when instead we could use a purpose-built, strictly internally regulated machine like a ventilator. Perhaps I can best describe such time taking as going into action with the greatest speed of which a mana€™s muscles are capable, but mentally unflustered by an urge to hurry or the need for complicated nervous and muscular actions which trick-shooting involves. Even if one were to argue that lactate is no longer acting like a strong anion in pockets of extreme acidity such as lysozymes, it would be acting like a weak acid and increases in total lactate will increase acidity. I had stopped talking about the idea when numerous people told me it was unfeasible in their environment–however, I continued this practice for my own patients throughout my practice. The paper referred to Dr Marik by Robergs (2004) demonstrates how confusing acid-base can be if trying to account for hydrogen ions, particularly when considering complex metabolism. Marneros, "Ventilator-assisted preoxygenation: Protocol for combining non-invasive ventilation and apnoeic oxygenation using a portable ventilator", Emergency Medicine Australasia, vol.
Ignore the attempts to account for hydrogen ions in assorted cellular events and stick with the strong-ion-difference and total weak acids: increased lactate causes acidosis in any body fluid.

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