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PREGNANCYBreech babies – unusual but not unexpected by Elizabeth WorleyWomen that find out that their baby is in the breech position are often late on in pregnancy.
Leo- "Piper, through all the tears and struggles, I always knew in my heart that we'd make it here.
Even though Piper thinks he is hiding something from her she takes the news well and saying that he is "geographically undesirable". Leo tells Piper that they tried to make it work, but eventually their jobs as a witch and a whitellighter get in the way and they get divorced.
When they talk about it Leo tells Piper that, the day she saved him(Love Hurts), he lingered for a while and heard her when she said "I love you, too" and he asks her is she meant it.
Even though the spell didn't help and instead led them to Prue, Piper says (while she is looking at Leo work at the club) that she didn't need a sign to follow her heart. They find a way in the Book of Shadows called 'Handfasting', and when they tried to secretly get married, the Elders were told by the Triad of their plans and they pulled him out before Grams could finish the Handfasting. But, when she realized she had to keep saving innocents, even though she was mad at the Elders, they sent Leo back for another chance as long as he and Piper wouldn't let their relationship get in the way of their jobs. I promise to love and respect you from this point forward as your husband, as my wife, my lover, my friend, and my soul mate. I was afraid that you were too good to be true, that maybe I didn't deserve someone so pure and beautiful and loving as you are.
When the doll gets blown up by a demon Piper proves to Leo that they aren't ready to take care of a baby just yet. Piper thinks that they shouldn't because she thinks her and her sisters would have been better off if Grams hadn't bound their powers, but Leo thinks that the child would be safer not having their powers untill they were ready. And after the girls all solve their dreams, and Leo is still pregnant, Piper explains to Leo that he wanted to feel closer to the baby and his dream is solved when he feels the baby kick.
When Paige and Phoebe go to meet with Cronyn, he explains to them that "when three planets burn as one, over a sky of dancing lights, magic will rest on a holy day, to welcome a twice blessed child." and that magic won't return until the baby is born.
They try to keep the tradition of giving him a 'P' name and come up with some pretty interesting names. Because he did such a good job leading everyone in such a time of crisis he is made an Elder.
Paige casts a spell to restore Piper's memory, but the spell backfires and it erases her memory instead.
Leo heard Piper cry for help when she almost died and healed her, even though the two of them were in a magical sleep.

When Leo is back with the Elders and Piper is back home, Phoebe and Paige tell Piper that Chris is her son. And he learns that Chris resents him because, in the future, he is never around for the family. Although there were some complications with the delivery, both Piper and baby Chris made it through just fine. As Shakti and Shiva, Piper and Leo become extremely attracted to each other, but after reading the Book of Shadows Phoebe and Paige discover that their love could destroy the world. After spending time with the Charmed Ones, the Seer finally asks Leo if he was going to tell his family his secret or should she. Piper casts a spell that gives everyone the same appearance as Leo to try to stop Death from taking him. When the ultimate battle has been fought and everything is back how it should be we learn Piper and Leo have a daughter in the future.
Piper tells him that she did mean it and that she still does, but she doesn't think that their relationship is going to work. But here we are surrounded by the people that I love the most and I feel so proud, and so blessed to be your wife.
After reliving everything they are reminded of why they got married in the first place, although they did still have some issues to work out. But, he might have to leave Piper and Wyatt to take his new position, and Piper is overtaken with anger. When the girls call Leo for help, they find out that he is being held captive on an island called Valhalla. Before Paige breaks the possession, Barbas tricks Leo into killing an Elder, leaving Piper to comfort her husband.
During the vision quest the floating green head interrupts and shows Leo that no matter what, in the end, there will be nothing.
While awaiting to hear his fate, Piper goes into a coma, where she finds Cole waiting to help keep her and Leo together and restore Phoebe's faith in love. After Piper and her sisters are almost killed by a group of demons, Piper realizes that she doesn't want to live without ever have being married to Leo, and she accepts. They are all happy to see that the baby is fine, but they are surprised to see that it is a boy. But Piper finally decides on a name- Wyatt Matthew Halliwell, named for his dad and his Aunt Paige.

Eventually they both see that he needed to act for the sake of the greater good, but Piper is still upset about it. When they find Leo, and Piper sees him again, it causes all of her pain to come back and she becomes a Valkyrie. When Leo is tricked into choosing the Greater Good over his family, he falls from grace, loosing his powers and becoming mortal, and most importantly gets to stay with Piper and the boys. When he tries to use it against Leo, his fellow Avatars reverse time to save him, where Leo decides instead to just tell Piper she will learn what he's hiding when the time is right.
Piper calls the Elders and the Avatars to try to get them to help, but the situation is out of their hands. However, Piper tells Leo that she would rather he stayed away for a while so that she could have some time to move on with her life. When Leo finds Piper and Phoebe dead at the manor, he agrees, but doesn't tell his family what he's become. To save Leo's life the Angel of Destiny freezes Leo in a block of ice where he will remain unless the Charmed Ones survive an important fight that will come in their future. These decisions not has a hereditary factor, is physiologi-in the breech position!only affect this pregnancy and birth cal, or is due to the mother or the However, there are also but also futures pregnancies and baby. Whatever the reason, having a many professionals that think that births, and having the time to review breech baby doesn’t mean that there caesarean shouldn’t automatically be your options is something wrong with you or your recommended to women that have The most important thing for baby! This will your baby is breech, and secondly because of the inevitable undiag-create an easier postnatal time so if so what type?
There are several baby can come with the added shock A spontaneous labour start-variations of breech and this is of suddenly being put in the ‘high risk’ ing even if a caesarean is planned important because some will be category and a caesarean sectioncan mean that the baby is ready to receptive to turning spontaneously being booked. If this is diag-nosed late the only option is c-section but has a good success rate for turning beforehand.28Bristol NCT, Winter 2008PREGNANCYmore receptive to the turning tech-niques available, and some are more Some ways to turn a breech babycompatible to vaginal delivery than Moxa is a herbal preparation used in Chinese Medicine and apart from be-others. Types of breech positions and ing used for many other things such as postnatal healing especially after ways of turning are described in the caesareans, it is famous for turning breech babies.
35 week check, then you can seek Sometimes the baby turns first time, sometimes Moxa needs to continue for a second or even third opinion.

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