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The data above is based on the fact that in each menstrual cycle there is an about 25% chance of getting pregnant as well as a scientific study published by Wilcox in JAMA in 2001.
The chances of having a negative pregnancy test, based on personal experience AND the above chart which does seem accurate,  and being pregnant still (say a week or more after your period is due) is highly rare. For some, the HCG is obviously not yet built up enough to be detected by the test being used. I had the symptoms, the pains, even the positive ovulation test, but I soon learned that sometimes the body gears up to ovulate and then fails for no apparent reason.
Back then I had heard of some pregnant women getting positive ovulation tests, so I was further confused. But there are people that fall into that 1% who claim they don’t get a positive test until much further along.
The woman may assume that she did, but then the period does not come on time, and of course she will think that means that she’s pregnant.

I have read time and again that you are more likely to get a false negative HPT result and be pregnant, than to have a false positive result and not be pregnant.
The most common reason, and this happened to me once where I swore I had to be pregnant, was that I did not ovulate like I thought I had. This can happen up to 1-2x’s per year in perfectly healthy, fertile women, without any need for concern. It brought on an early period.  If you are worried about anything for any reason, do see your doctor. Something I never knew before, but when you are not trying, you can miss these things far more often.

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