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If a woman chooses to whore herself out before marriage she deserves the task of raising a child alone. Matt Walsh (via by-grace-of-god)Non-trans men have a duty to support the bodily autonomy of afab people, as they have a long history of controlling our bodies, including beyond reproductive decisions. How about you do not get an abortion because the abortion kills a life of a person who had nothing to do with the listed circumstances?
You might have an argument if this fetus was sitting in my room or something, just taking up a bit of space and not much else.
It makes it easier for people to realize being anti-abortion is more about punishing women than it is fetal rights. A man has a duty to their own child, and NOT JUST their own child, but the innocent of society. They know it won’t end up with most rape victims getting the abortion care they need.

People should only parent children they want to have, even if their reason is uncomfortable.In countries like America sex selective abortion is hardly a problem despite what pro-life propaganda wants you to believe.
But if some doctors told you that a procedure was invented which removes the fetus from the woman, but does not kill it.
One instance I saw was a woman had three children, all boys, all very difficult pregnancies. She was pregnant again on accident, but was only willing to go through all the bullshit if it was a girl. The reasons are rooted in misogyny and banning it will not lead to people keeping baby girls and going on with their lives.
However, not leaving also means it dies because I will seriously off myself and take it with me if it has to stay there. Similarly to how I cannot be forced to donate a kidney for a human who will die without one.

What if they had consensual sex at an earlier date, and the fetus could be from that conception?5.
Would you allow them to abort since carrying a fetus from a rapist, even if the pregnancy was from a consensual act, is traumatic?It’s scary. Are you seriously implying a sexual assault victim is being too pushy or assertive about having control of their body?

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