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Recently, medical experts have noticed that some pregnant women have become overcautious when it comes to fish, steering clear of one of the foods they might need the most. While methylmercury (the form present in fish) is toxic to the central nervous system of the fetus, fish low in mercury are perfectly safe to eat during pregnancy, says Lianne Phillipson-Webb, a Toronto–based nutritionist, author and owner of Sprout Right, which specializes in prenatal and family nutrition.
Pregnant women also need to be very cautious of food-borne illnesses, and there are numerous sources: raw or undercooked seafood, raw meats and eggs, non-dried deli meats, undercooked hot dogs, refrigerated pates and meat spreads, raw sprouts, soft and semi-soft cheeses, unpasteurized juice and cider, unpasteurized honey and unwashed raw fruit and vegetables. Food-borne illnesses can be more dangerous when you’re pregnant, because the immune system has to down regulate in order to host the fetus, says Phillipson-Webb. As you prepare to welcome your wee one into the world, chances are you’re going to accidentally eat something considered questionable or unsafe.
While pregnant women should avoid homemade ice cream (because it might contain raw eggs, and the risk of salmonella contamination), store-bought ice cream is generally safe. A version of this article appeared in our August 2014 issue with the headline “The truth about what you can eat during pregnancy,” pp. The most recent Listeria outbreaks (and deaths) have been caused by ICE CREAM (Bluebell brand) and the most common brand of Hummus (Sabra).
Consider the environment in which most industrially-produced food is made, like hamburger or pasteurized dairy: one burger patty could contain 1000 different animals, as could one carton of pasteurized milk. The only TRULY safe way to avoid foodborne illness while pregnant is to heat all foods to pasteurized temps before eating (though a bit extreme).
I will continue to drink raw milk from a single animal, eat undercooked burgers from a single steer (whose meat wasn’t exposed to feces as much industrial beef is), and eat truly safe foods produced by myself or small farmers that I trust. Can you have tea in exchange for coffee or is really the caffine fix you should be worried about? By clicking "Create Account", I confirm that I have read and understood each of the website terms of service and privacy policy and that I agree to be bound by them. Finding out that your girlfriend or partner may be pregnant can be overwhelming and frightening. We want to help you understand more about your partner's pregnancy, about the new life developing inside her, and about options.
We want to help you deal with your daughter's pregnancy, and find the appropriate services and resources. Before you conceive, you must consult your doctor about how you should go about the whole process. Following these precautionary methods can ensure safety of mother and child and, at the same time, it can ease the stress during the different stages of pregnancy. Suddenly, you’re anxiously reading labels and googling ingredients at the grocery store and at restaurants. If pregnant women are exposed to the listeria bacteria, they are 20 times more likely than other healthy adults to develop listeriosis. All milk sold in Canada must be pasteurized and is therefore safe, while cheeses made from raw or unpasteurized milk are available and should be avoided. Caffeine has been linked to low birth weights, so Health Canada recommends pregnant women consume no more than 300 mg daily. In the UK, moms-to-be are advised to have less than one to two drinks a week, only after the first trimester, and to never get drunk. You may have read about a few listeriosis outbreaks linked to improperly sanitized soft-serve machines, but the risk is extremely low, and it doesn’t mean you have to avoid this common pregnancy craving altogether.

But the process of conceiving a child and going through pregnancy can be confusing and tough for many. If you have any medical illness, then adhere to all the precautionary measure that your doctor may tell you.
But if you are trying to conceive, then you must quit harmful habits such as drinking alcohol or smoking as a precautionary measure.
Your body will undergo several changes and you may feel fatigued and nauseated throughout the day.
Stay away from certain foods, such as fishes and tuna, as they may contain high amounts of mercury which can affect the development of the child. This is the time when you can decide the birth process and start doing breathing exercises under the guidance of a professional trainer. Apart from these precautionary measures, expectant mothers must also go for regular visits to their doctor, eat nutritious food and avoid heavy exercising. We run network of high quality 50+ high niche websites with millions of regular visitors, Please connect with us. But after a US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) analysis of 1,000 pregnant women showed that 21 percent had not eaten fish at all in the previous month, the FDA released a draft of updated guidelines in June to encourage women who are trying to conceive, are pregnant or are breastfeeding to eat more fish—between eight and 12 ounces (226 to 340 grams) per week. Fatty fish—like herring, mackerel, salmon, sardines and trout—offer the best source of omega-3 fatty acids (particularly DHA and EPA), which are particularly beneficial for the fetus.
Heather Lovelace, a registered dietitian who sets the nutritional practice standards for care of women and children at BC Women’s Hospital and BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver, notes that even if the mother’s symptoms are mild, some food-borne illnesses can cross the placenta and infect the baby.
In Canada, the official medical stance is that no alcohol is safe to drink during pregnancy, and there’s no safe time or trimester to imbibe.
The bodily changes as well as the excitement and apprehension of giving birth can be quite stressful.
Quitting these habits at the time of conception can help the foetus develop positively during the first two weeks of pregnancy. Make sure that you minimize the consumption of processed food items or foods that have preservatives, such as chips or hot dogs.
Pregnant women should try to stay in rooms that have been painted with lead-free paints as paints with lead may cause birth defects.
You must avoid carrying anything heavy or bending as this may result in pressure on your abdominal region. Also, mothers with Rh negative blood antigens must consult their doctor for injection of Rhogam during the 28th week of pregnancy as this will prevent your body from creating antibodies that can be dangerous towards an Rh positive baby. The onset of mild listeriosis, for example, can happen about three days after exposure, or, for the more serious version of the illness, up to 70 days after.
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But, by following a few precautionary measures at every stage of pregnancy, you can minimize the chances of miscarriages and troubles associated with pregnancy. Alcohol and cigarettes can increase the chances of development of brain deformities or medical abnormalities in the baby and may also cause miscarriage. This period is the most delicate stage and so, you need to be cautious about the risks and take precautionary measures so that your baby’s development process is not hindered.
Firstly, visit your doctor at least 2 times a month to monitor your baby’s activities and to know what your diet should be.

During these nine months, avoid fish higher in mercury, says Health Canada spokesperson Leslie Meerburg, such as fresh or frozen tuna, shark, swordfish, marlin, orange roughy and escolar.
You can switch to vegetarian or cooked seafood options, such as a California roll, unagi (eel) roll or shrimp nigiri (but skip the spicy tuna and salmon rolls). Soft and semi-soft cheeses are higher in moisture and lower in salt and acids, so the bacteria could grow and cause illness if the cheese is contaminated after pasteurization.
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You must understand that pregnancy has several crucial stages and you have to follow some precautionary measures to ensure that your baby’s development is positive and healthy.
You will have to make several lifestyle changes to do so, including changes in your eating, sleeping and working patterns.
Several medical studies suggest that a pregnant woman must avoid cat’s litter or excretion of small animals and rodents as it contains toxoplasmosis which can result in miscarriage.
But as a pregnant woman, you must avoid travelling by buses, two wheelers or three wheelers during pregnancy. This simple change in your lifestyle can protect the fetus from bacteria and infections, and the implementation of this strategy does not require much investment of time and money.
Also you must also take care of your abdomen and make sure that nothing injures your tummy. Also, if you have medical conditions such as gestational diabetes, then you must be more cautious and avoid foods that are high in sugar or fat. While some pregnancy food rules are cut and dry, others aren’t, and all this advice—and sometimes-conflicting information—can really depend on who you ask. Typically, the bigger the fish, the higher up on the food chain it is and the higher the mercury content. And if you’re suddenly craving a turkey melt, just heat the deli meat to steaming hot throughout. Honey is fine if it’s pasteurized, but pass on refrigerated smoked salmon, pates, meat spreads (unless canned), and unpasteurized juice and cider. Processed soft cheeses, such as cottage cheese and cream cheese, are safe because they are packaged immediately. But be aware of other sources of caffeine, like pop and chocolate, and the size of the cup—some mugs hold the equivalent of two cups of coffee. But you should refrain from taking over the counter drugs as this may affect you and the development of the fetus.
Also, don’t go for saunas and hot tub sessions as overheating of water can cause problems with development of the baby. Also, prompt your partner or spouse to quit smoking for your baby’s health because even passive smoking can cause medical conditions like asthma in your baby.

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