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Ectopic pregnancy (Greek ektopos, or out of place) refers to the implantation of a fertilized egg outside of the uterine cavity. Locations include the fallopian tubes (isthmus 12%, fimbria 5%), cervix, ovary, cornual region of the uterus, and the abdominal cavity. The abnormally implanted blastocyst grows and draws its blood supply from the site of abnormal implantation. Anything that hampers the migration of the embryo to the endometrial cavity can predispose to ectopic pregnancy.
Damage to the cilia in Fallopian tubes may be responsible for ectopic pregnancy, caused by factors such as pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) or surgery.
Feel free to use and share this material as widely as possible, according to our Creative Commons license. As the gestation enlarges, it creates the potential for rupture and hemorrhage - one of its most dangerous compications.
Are you trying to conceive and extend your little family?Once you have made up your mind to conceive, your first step is always to check or change your diet. Some of the pre pregnancy symptoms include implantation bleeding that occurs somewhere around 8 to 10 days post ovulation. Before a woman decides to get pregnant it is vital that she does a pre pregnancy health check. Besides, it should be helpful in growing the fertility and strength of your body to conceive in a natural way and deliver a healthy baby. The actual pregnancy symptoms do not appear till a week or so after the woman has missed her periods.
It is very natural for you to ask your immediate family, relatives and friends about some advice, and to your surprise you get a piece of advice from every possible woman you know.They tell you about their stories and stories of their distant relatives of how they have followed a certain regime of healthy foods for getting pregnant. Some other pre pregnancy signs to watch out for include an increased BBT temperature level for about 18 days.

When the woman has an intention of becoming pregnant then the doctor will attempt to address all the concerns or health issues a woman might have.
At the time of pregnancy planning the doctor will advice the woman to start taking various supplements and vitamins. One should not follow any suggestion blindly as it is essential to find out why the consumption of a particular food is helpful in conceiving. If the woman suffers from any medical conditions then the doctor will advise getting these addressed during the pre pregnancy period.
These power packed foods are very essential when it comes to getting pregnant and also during pregnancy.
If she suffers from diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid related problems, obesity etc then the doctor needs to be aware of them and treat these issues. Pre Pregnancy Health The doctor will also do some checks on the woman’s lifestyle and working habits as well as those of her partner. Consuming green leafy vegetables regularly and in good proportions may reduce your chances of suffering from anaemia and may also prevent any birth defects in your developing baby. Similarly the doctor will do a medical check of the woman and her partner while checking for any hereditary health issues.
Some of the tests conducted will be checking if the woman suffers from any kind of infections or if she has any immunity which might affect her fertility and thus the outcome of the pregnancy. Plant based beans such as lentils, chickpeas, black beans and soya beans are a rich source of fibre, zinc, folate, protein and calcium. Even animals based products like meat is healthy and rich in proteins, but one should substitute them with plant based beans as the latter are easy to digest. Amino acids are basically a form of protein which not only helps to increase your fertility, but are also pertinent in the formation of reproductive eggs in a female body. The idea is to consume more of whole grain foods like brown bread instead of white bread or rice.

Carbohydrates have a constructive effect on our blood sugar and insulin levels; and if insulin levels are better, hormones also stay balanced thereby improving fertility. The fats which they contain are not trans-fats or saturated fats which are harmful for body. They are made up of mono saturated fats which are necessary to keep insulin levels in check and thereby increasing chances of conceiving. Salmon is believed to regulate the hormones in the body and increase blood circulation to the reproductive organs, thereby increasing the chances of getting pregnant. Consumption of bananas is thought to facilitate regular menstruation and also lead to healthy egg development.
They also help in converting food into energy, create new blood cells for the growing baby and aiding growth, healthy vision and skin of your baby.
It also decreases the risk of infertility and plays a vital role in the production of red blood cells. Make sure that you stick to organic red meat and consume it in moderate quantities.The list of best foods for pregnancy is not exhaustive, but these are easily available and uncomplicated to consume.
Moreover, these are tried and tested foods which may help you get pregnant and do not cause any harmful side effects.Also remember that there is no substitute to a wholesome, balanced diet. All foods should be consumed as per ones appetite and body’s requirement.A word of caution states that if you feel any discomfort with any food, it is best suggested to consult your doctor. Click SHARE THIS STORY ON FACEBOOK The following two tabs change content below.Latest PostsBioLatest posts by Palak Shah (see all) Is It Safe To Eat Rambutan During Pregnancy? We are a place to stop for a while and hang out with likeminded people, a place to learn and to teach.

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