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Use math to calculate your risk of ectopic pregnancy, but if you have symptoms put down your calculator and call your doctor. Medicine Net states that one previous ectopic pregnancy indicates a 15% chance of a second; and a second ectopic pregnancy increases the risk of a third to 30%. Although the math clearly indicates that you’re more likely to experience an ectopic pregnancy if you have already had one, or if you get pregnant while using an IUD, any woman who gets pregnant may have an atypical pregnancy. Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is for educational purposes only and should not be used for diagnosis or to guide treatment without the opinion of a health professional. Decoded Everything is a non-profit corporation, dependent on donations from readers like you. Tanya on Calculate Embryonic Age vs Gestational Age: Pregnancy Mathsabrina on What Eye Color Will My Baby Have? Over the last two years I've had many opportunities to share my love of Kinder Surprise with you all, along with lots of information on new toys, charitable partnerships and more from the fine folks at Kinder Canada. I'm proud to announce that I will be continuing my relationship with Kinder Canada for the third year of the #KinderMom program. Meanwhile, we are continuing to enjoy the Kinder chocolate and having fun putting together the little toys. I know it's an odd lunch, but he eats very little because his medication destroys his appetite.
The combo is available in 40+ designs and includes 21 Tag Mates, 16 Skinny-Minis, 15 Sticky Labels and more. Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. School is back in session, and, along with the books and homework, the invitations to the class birthday parties are starting to roll in.
But even when we attend a party where gifts aren't allowed we like to bring a special card for the birthday child to let them know we're thinking of them.
The Stampin' Up Everyday Occasions Kit comes with a great variety of 20 card blanks in different sizes and patterns, along with pre-cut embellishments, twine, clips, adhesive dots, and more.
Notice the 8 year-old boy fingerprint - neither the giver for the recipient seemed to mind. For more information on Stampin' Up and their full line of products, you can visit their website or connect with them on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. One lucky Raising My Boys reader will receive a Stampin' Up kit, just like the one I've been enjoying.
Entries for this great prize are via the Rafflecopter widget below and will be accepted until 12:00 midnight EDT, October 10.
We always seem to be on the go in this family, and I sometimes struggle to get healthy, homemade meals into us. Quick and easy to use – just put your ingredients in, close the lid, set the timer and in 5 minutes you have 2 fully assembled breakfast sandwich ready to go. One tip - I like to spray the rings and flat surfaces with a little cooking spray, to keep cheese and eggs from sticking and make for easier clean-up.
One lucky Raising My Boys readers will win their own HB Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker to help them with their own morning chaos. We're slowly getting back into a routine around here, three weeks in to the new school year. We're negotiating the balance of after school walks with the dog, guitar and swimming lessons, and karate classes.
As the weather gets cooler, we'll be spending more time indoors, and our weekends will start to include more board games and movies. After a busy day Saturday, we settled in to watch a re-make of a classic from my youth - The Karate Kid (2010). After moving to Beijing with his mother, Dre falls prey to a bully, so he takes lessons from a martial arts master in this remake of the 1984 classic. At 2 hours and 20 minutes, this is a long movie, and I think it could have been cut a bit more as it was very slow to start.
In spite of the slow start, this develops into a great movie and provides excellent opportunities to talk about bullying, why it is wrong, and what you should do if you are bullied or see someone being bullied.
Disclosure: I am a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam program, and receive special perks as part of my involvement. First off, I want to make this clear - I've always been a good driver, and I have a great driving record, though I know I'm far from perfect.

I merrily drove along the 6 lane divided highway to the west end of the city to pick up my new baby. Somehow in the process I did manage to put kitty back in her box, and she did not try to get out again. In the end kitty and I survived both the crash and the wrath of mom (who eventually claimed the cat as her own and spoiled her rotten). This all came back to me this week when a young guy, 19 years old just like our eldest, rear-ended me as I was pulling into my driveway. What are the statistics associated with these atypical pregnancy outcomes, and what do the numbers mean? It’s only the risk of ectopic implantation in the unlikely event that you become pregnant while using an IUD that may reach the 50% mark. According to Planned Parenthood, fewer than one woman in one hundred will become pregnant in a year of using an IUD.
By this calculation, the probability of using an IUD and becoming pregnant, and also having an ectopic pregnancy at that time, is 0.05%.
I'm also been very lucky to have been able to share these delicious chocolate treats and toys with family and friends throughout my time as Kinder Ambassador. You can expect more news and updates from Kinder with a post here at least every other month. Starting September 5, Kinder Surprise eggs containing Transformers and Disney Fairies toys began appearing in stores!
I have a nice collection of the Disney Princesses from earlier this year, and hope to add Fairies soon. I give him options to pick at and then he eats when he gets home.I like to add a little note or a picture as well on the whiteboard. This preview is an exclusive offer and the Baby Combo will not be released on the Mabel's Labels site until October 1st. I'm seeing more of a trend towards kids choosing a charity to support with their party, where guests make a donation to the cause in lieu of a gift.
There wasn't a party, but we were spending the day after his special day with him, so Boo wanted to acknowledge it with a card. Since everything is pre-cut and your adhesives are either the sticky dots (Stampin' Spots to use their real name) or a glue stick there's really no mess. In stores now, this new appliance allows you to cook two sandwiches at once, halving our prep time each morning. Once you add your ingredients and close the lid you can set the timer to let you know when your sandwich is ready. Entries are via the Rafflecopter widget below and will be accepted until 12:00 midnight ET, October 17. I'm very happy that Boo's third grade teacher doesn't believe in homework at this age, so we don't have to worry about fitting that in. We have an excellent collection of both to keep us all entertained, but we also appreciate the variety of options available on Netflix. I thought this would be a good one, given Boo's love of karate as well as the great messages about discipline and anti-bullying it provides. Actually, Dre meets a friend at the very start of the film, who then disappears from the story with no explanation. We had a great conversation about how Dre should have told his mom or a teacher what was happening, especially when his mom was getting worried and asking him what was up. I've only ever driven into two accidents, both when I was a teenager.The second time I was 18, and it involved a snow storm, a slippery hill, and a city plow that blocked me from backing up out of the way when the car at the top of the hill began sliding towards me. A fraction of a second earlier and it might have been a much worse outcome, but as it happened, I connected with the pole about an inch in from the front of the car and then sideswiped the full length.
But lack of experience and immaturity can for sure play a role in making poor decisions on the road. Let’s assume that each of those hundred women averted becoming pregnant ten times in that year. Aside from being just adorable, his head bears a paint brush, and his feet two palettes of paint!
There are 8 Transformers and 10 Disney Fairies to collect in specially marked Kinder Surprise.
To make sure all those bottles and blankets and binkies get home safely, you need the newest addition to Mabel's family of labeling products.

This is such a wonderful idea, encouraging children to appreciate what they already have as well as developing an understanding of the importance of giving back and helping others who aren't as fortunate. I have some super crafty friends who have machines to cut their own designs, but pre-cut is more my speed. He was keen to use the stamps, so he chose this Happy Birthday message and applied it to a banner for the front of his card.
Finding the time to both prepare and eat the morning meal during the week can be a challenge.
This is located near the spot where he dipped his artificial leg into the Atlantic Ocean at the start of his run all those years ago.
She encourages reading every night, but that's never a problem for us, since Boo is an avid reader and books are an important part of his bedtime prep. Boo commented on this towards the end, "What happened to his blonde friend??" Perhaps that's a portion of the script that could have been dropped.
I can't argue with those, but the messages, the story and the action all made for a good family movie night. I've had a few experiences where I've been a passenger in a car involved in a crash - some more spectacular than others. My window had been open and when the pole took out the side mirror, glass shattered all over me. It's important that we talk to our teens about the dangers of distracted driving and the various forms it can take. So, before you decide to apply your lipstick or engage in a deep conversation with your passenger, think about the road and the responsibility that comes with driving. If you answered yes to either question, you are at an increased risk of atypical pregnancy implantation. I'll be looking for these for my Transformers fan; they'll be sure to bring a smile to his face. It's great that these treats are safe for nut-free schools, so you can confidently sneak one in for a midday smile for your little one.
The stamp kit came with two colours of ink pads and a set of stamps including phrases such as "Congratulations" and "Thinking of You." Lots of options for different occasions. I like the addition of the timer to this dual model as it will beep to remind me I was cooking something and bring me back to the kitchen. With the Terry Fox National School Run Day happening this Wednesday, I thought it was a good time to share this pic. There is a scene early on where Dre retaliates against the bullies, so I asked Boo what he thought. I placed the box on the passenger seat floor, and within minutes she was poking her way out, trying to crawl over the side. Don't be judgey, but do be clear - driving with your eyes and attention anywhere but on the road is just not ok. They also make for great treats for classmates on your child's birthday or for any occasion when parents at your school send in goodies. Given the number of birthdays I'm sure we'll be looking at in the coming months, I expect this kit will see a lot of use!
Last year I added a Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker to my kitchen arsenal, and that really helped to keep my health and budget on track. Twice by distracted drivers, and once it was totally because of weather and road conditions and probably crappy tires on the other guy's car. Now I could make my own breakfast sandwiches at home in mere minutes and have a hand-held meal to take with me as I ran out the door. Honestly, I love the profiles we can set for each family member, providing for individualised recommendations for each of us, based on our viewing history. Boo knows to choose his own profile when he logs on so he can access his special kid content. As I leaned to the right, my left hand compensated by turning the steering wheel to the left. If I'd been driving in one of the right lanes, or if there had been no median, I could easily have been killed and taken others along with me.

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