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2.Formation of scar tissues around the fallopian tube or cervix caused by surgery or infection reduces the chances of conception. 5.Decrease in cervical fluid is another cause for infertility in women in their late thirties. 6.Chronic health problems like hypertension and diabetes which are found more among women of this age than those who are younger are also reasons for infertility. 4.Observe your fertility signs like the basal body temperature and the cervical fluid and select the best time for intercourse.

6.If you find yourself not conceiving even after six months of purposeful intercourse, visit your health care provider again.
As women age, their menstrual cycles become occasional, eggs are not released at every cycle and the quality and the quantity of eggs decline.
After ejaculation, sperms swim through the cervix to reach the fallopian tube and fertilize the egg. The health care provider can review your medical history, lifestyle and the present medication you are having.

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