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Various clinical studies have calculated the chance of pregnancy among population groups who do not use contraception, and indicate that the probability of a live birth after exposure of the egg to sperm in any one month averages about 1 in 5, or a 20% chance. As you can see by the graph below, by age 36 an average woman’s chances of conceiving per month is decreased by nearly half.
If someone has an obvious, serious reproductive condition, it is often easier to diagnose and treat the probable cause of their infertility. Infertility can be ‘complete’ (also called ‘sterility’), which means you absolutely cannot get pregnant without help. An average fertile couple in their 20s having regular sex would have a monthly chance of pregnancy of about 20%. It is easy to see that it doesn’t take much to reduce the chance of pregnancy quite significantly.
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In fact, the menstrual period might not even be delayed and many couples do not realise that an early pregnancy has been lost. The downward slope continues until by age 45 the average natural fertility rate per month is approximately 1%. Ironically, mild problems may be harder to identify and resolve, particularly if there are several minor factors that combine to influence fertility. Even minor disturbances, especially in combination, can cause the monthly chance of pregnancy to be substantially reduced. Just a slightly low sperm count and mild endometriosis (both very common conditions) are enough to extend the expected time to conception to 7 years. The logical studies eight out of technique which can increase the blood stream giving the hormones directly so that egg formation of modern medicine research in this article.
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