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The pregnancy test38 weeks 2 days pregnantNASDAQ Composite Index, COMP Index Quote.Intraday Data provided by SIX Financial Information and subject to terms of use. She looks like a fighter:-) You keep your energy and strength for her and she will draw on that. It was about another lady off this site who was due in may i beleive, and had her baby at 24 weeks!
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I’m 38 weeks, 5 days 6 days (edited!) today hard to believe 39 is almost here and 40 around the corner. I started having contractions and she was in breach feet first, so the cord started to come out first.
I had an emergency c-section where the chances were slim for both of us ( I was hemorrhaging badly). She's doing good for being so early though ( I was only 23 weeks!) But, she still is a very sick little girl.

If anyone else has gone through this I would appreciate some advice, I'm really trying to hang in there but this has been the hardest thing in my life. Please keep her in your prayers, this is a very scary time for us and I appreciate any positive energy.

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