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Beautiful flowers and a warm message to cheer up your loved one who has been ailing for sometime.
Add a comment about this ecard & share your comments with other users who browse this ecard. It is hard to lose someone we love, most especially someone who serve as our superhero, our provider, our protector – our father.
When you lose someone dear to you, you don't need a special day to remember how much they meant to you. Personalize this sentimental and uplifting card to 'light a candle' in remembrance of someone, letting their family know that though their loved one has passed, you are remembering them on by honoring their birthday. A sentimental and uplifting card to 'light a candle' in remembrance of someone's Husband, letting them know that though their spouse has passed, you are remembering him on by honoring his birthday. A sentimental and uplifting card to 'light a candle' in remembrance of a Mother, letting a son or daughter know that though their Mom has passed, you are remembering her on by honoring her birthday. The twists and turns of life may seem unfair and mean to you, but with a true spirit and determination you shall soon be seeing your bright days. Life might take away your loved ones to heaven, but it can never snatch away their memories.

No words can express fully the grief and sorrow of losing a loved one, one who is dear to your heart. Sending some warm sympathy messages for the loss of a pet is one way to let that someone know that you’re there to lend some empathy and support. This sensitive card honors and celebrates the child and reminds them of the love and joy they brought to the world, as it wishes peace to the bereaved. May the sweet memories and love of the passed soul, give you strength and courage to see out these times. I can understand your dissapointment, but I can only assure that these sorry days shall pass soon. Yet, we should try our very best to inform them that we are by their sides in the time of grieving.
In our sympathy messages, we should give them strength to carry on and let them know that they are not alone.
It’s understandable that you might have some hard time thinking what to write in a sympathy card coz it is never easy. But with the right choice of word and sympathy messages, you can convey the word of sympathy to them, telling them that you’re there to support.

This collection of sad funeral poems include funeral poem for mom, funeral poem for dad and funeral poems for a friend. Celebrate the life that was on the anniversary of their birth, with a beautiful In Remembrance Birthday Card. To keep that memory going I created a card to help others who may be mourning perhaps feel comforted and spread Kaitlin's kindness.
Imagine a life without someone to turn to for you to cry, confide, and tell secret, someone who cared for you the second you were born. You can include this poem together with a funeral flower arrangement or write to a condolence card. Though the card displays yellow flowers, other customers have purchased this card for boys as well.
This may not ease the pain but this might at least help them alleviate the sorrow, knowing she has friends and family to turn to in the time of sadness.

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