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On my about me page I wrote that I lost 25 pounds and was down to 165lbs and approximately 15% body fat, but that was three years ago. Whatever muscle is under this layer of fat is what Mother Nature gave me, so now I want to see it!My plan is to do three full body workouts per week, along with three cardio sessions and one rest day.
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I went on a bulking phase, got up to 200lbs (the heaviest in my life) and about 19.9% bodyfat. Of course Ia€™m cutting my calories below maintenance, and definitely watching the carbs.I want to see abs for the first time in my life. The first two pages have nothing but warnings and precautions because after all it is an electrical muscle stimulator so you cana€™t use it if you have a pacemaker or any form of abdominal implant or are pregnant (wait until the kid is out before you shock them, ita€™s funnier! These codes were set up for the readers of this site, one for 10% off and one for FREE shipping: FLEX10OFF or FLEXFREESHIP. Yikes!Even though some of the weight gain was muscle (I even was told I look like I gained muscle) enough of the weight gain was fat especially around my mid section.I'm predominately an endomorph, so it seems any extra calories I eat gets stored as fat and at my age (48) it's getting harder and harder to lose weighta€¦a€¦SO NO MORE BULKING FOR ME!

Kidding ;-)First you need to charge the batteries which the instructions say take 2-3 hours. You indirectly work your abs with exercises such as the front squat, but Ia€™m not doing any exercise directly hitting the abs like crunches, knee raises etc.Why no direct ab work? Well after 3.5 hours the bars were still not full and I thought "great I got a defective one". Yes, I know ita€™s one of those gimmicky ab things, but the Flex Belt is not a gimmick a€“ it is 100% medical science.
I unplugged the charger from the wall and then the control unit displayed three full bars, OK.You need to place three gel pads on the belt.
It is the first EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) product of its kind cleared by the FDA as a class II medical device for direct to consumer sales.The technology used in the Flex Belt Belts has been clinically demonstrated. Their EMS medical devices are used and prescribed in 5000 clinics worldwide.The Flex Belt website claims you can get an effective abdominal workout that targets all the muscles in your abdomen a€“ all in just 30 minutes a day a€“ while watching TV, sitting at your desk, cutting the grass or even lying down in bed!Signals from the ab belt reach out to nerves where they are most concentrated. These nerves branch out to reach all the abdominal muscles (not just those under the pads) causing them to relax and contract naturally, working all the muscles at the same time.

Felt like a pulsing sensation followed by the tightening of the abdominal muscles.The instruction manual says you should aim for an intensity level of 25 on your first workout (the belt goes up to a level of 150), so I cranked up to 25, not too much stimulation, just a pulsing sensation. Once I reached level 40 I could feel and see my abs contracta€¦COOL!I made it up to level 51 in my first workout. I dona€™t want to say it was painful, but I was a bit apprehensive between contractions.Now I know what pregnancy contractions feel like ladies, you hold your breath waiting for the next one!And guess what, the next morning I was sore!
Damn thing really works!The Flex Belt plan calls for you to use the belt 5 times per week and record the intensity level you reached. Use the strongest training intensity you can a€“ the harder you work your muscles, the better the results you will see.Of course you could use the Flex Belt for months and see zero results if you fail to get youa€™re eating habits under control.
Surprisingly the instruction manual barely mentions diet; it only states "Improve your diet and try to increase the amount of exercise you do".ConclusionWill the flex belt finally reveal my abs?

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