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Are you pregnant and not finding out the gender of your baby so you and your husband can have the ULTIMATE surprise? Not Finding Out is a new online registry website where almost all the items in the shop are paired in girl and boy versions so that parents receive gender-specific gifts after the baby is born. So hubby and I are waiting to be surprised and although WE haven’t had problems buying clothes, others have. What would be truly genius is a retailer who sold baby gear in colours OTHER than pink or blue.
Subscribe to receive $10 off when you spend $50 or more on your first purchase in our shop! If you are, hats off to you as I’m the kind of person who has to know everything, likes a plan and hates surprises.

Mom of two, Andrika is a California girl at heart with a clean design style showcased in her blog, Nursery Notations, and exemplified in her biz, Andrika King Design.
One of the main reasons, though, that we’re choosing to wait, is to avoid the deluge of pink, glittery ruffles or the bold colors covered in trucks, trains, and dinosaurs. I actually love yellow, green, and white but find that teal and orange newborn clothes are still gender neutral IMO.
Then they get a cute preview card showing what was purchased for them, and the actual boy or girl item is shipped straight to them as soon as the baby arrives. Card below to their healthcare provider to complete and send back directly to Not Finding Out so there is ZERO chance that the registrant ever sees it. Besides, I’d personally hate to have all blue or all pink even if we did know what to expect.

I did register and requested gender neutral clothing and there’s tons of things out there!
Not Finding Out even supplies its registrants and their shower hostesses with a whole Shower Kit full of fun ideas.

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