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This topic contains 31 replies, has 24 voices, and was last updated by  oodpc1 6 months ago. True Nikita, butt VTOLs are a lot less maneuverable, and not really worth it in the end unless you just can’t engineer a good high-flyer. Lots and lots of mid-tier thrusters (I use 3S) with just enough helium to provide stability. Nah, you have there at least 4 hover stabilizers, it works even better than helium but takes sometimes more cpu and free fall is fast. Here’s a slightly old photo of my Redtail light interceptor, T5 and about 150 cubes total.

The easiest flier to do is just put a lot of hoverblades around, put helium to make 0 weight, put up-down thrusters. I have tried to get some screens of some but by their very nature they hard to to get a pic of. The current version does not have the extra L3 horizontal thrusters at the rear, and has slightly more advanced armor.
Its not that fast, but it can survive a number of shots without losing controls, and is insanely stable. But im starting to get curious and would like to give it a try and would like any tips tricks you could give me.

I would like to know how those smaller craft actually fly and get altitude , I know it has something to do with engines but am having a hard time trying to figure it out.

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