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Mariah Carey Has a Pre-Mother's Day Dinner With Nick Cannon Mariah Carey's Daughter Monroe Tries On Her High-Heeled BootsDid Nick Cannon Release a Mariah Carey Diss Track? The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. About a year ago, my husband and I decided that we were ready to stop “trying not to get pregnant.” Then, before I was even able to get as far as changing that sentence around in my head to “trying to get pregnant,” I was pregnant. The thing is, there’s this destination wedding in Hawaii next January that we’d really like to attend. I try to micro-manage every event in my life so I can certainly relate to needing to step back and go with the flow. The real plan is: Have the baby, and then call Eva each time I need to figure out what to do with the baby.
Dude, I will just remind you that I moved across the country at 8 mos preggo, and then again when she was 6 wks. I say get your tattoo, have fun at your destination wedding and start trying again after that. I always feel sorry when I see pregnant ladies waddling around Disney World, because I know most of them probably booked the trip a year ago, and then–surprise! This is EXCELLENT advice, and ultimately the way we’ve decided to approach the situation. As someone who planned my kid for the one month break bestween university semesters, I can confirm it can be done. We hear so often from women who get pregnant by surprise and women who have trouble getting pregnant, but a huge amount of women fall in that middle zone. My boyfriend and i are still trying NOT to get pregnant, but we would like to have children in the future, and have often discussed when that would be (we are in our mid twenties). Point being, even though the unexpected can, and will, happen, there is nothing wrong with attempting to plan.
And it isn’t just the bizarre body changes that occur during the nine months you’re carrying that hold surprises —just making the decision to try and get pregnant can bring up a whole host of unanticipated questions and concerns. Of course, we wouldn’t be able to attend if we had a newborn or if I were about to give birth. I just need to remember that I can’t micro-manage the stuff that is literally outside of my control.

You most definitely cannot get tattooed while pregnant, and any artist worth his salt would not do it.
I booked a non-refundable trip for two to Thailand two weeks before finding out I was pregnant. Do whatever the hell you want ntil then, because (and i hate myself for saying this) once you start a family, the opportunities to go nuts dwindle magnificently.
I have no idea yet whether it will be easy for me to conceive again or whether that first time was luck. Then you are all relaxed and having fun and becomes less about conception sex and more about fun holiday sex. Now I’m trying to work #2 around impending house renovations without the fun holiday sex so its a lot more complicated! Though I don’t doubt that I’d get a tattoo to celebrate my child at some future point as well!
That said, the Hawaii trip is not the same as juggling a pregnancy and studies at a university — kudos to you for managing that. Right now we are planning a family trip to Mexico over Christmas, but we are also thinking we would like to have another baby in 2014. Charles, my life, my dream, my hope and my future was at the edge of falling apart i got married to my lovely and caring husband 8 years back and we were living happily as couples, we do have sex two times a week sometimes three time but i never conceived, then my heart was burdened and filled with worries so my husband suggest we visit a specialist in the clinic to know the actual problem why i could not get pregnant, when we got there after much test was carried out the doctor said that my husband have a low sperm count and i also have a Fibroid problem that we both can’t have our own kids, when we got home from the clinic my husband was so sad about the result and very heart broken about the result at the clinic, so i told a friend the kind of problem i was facing so she said i should not worry about it, that she will help get through my problems and she gave me DR.
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As a teenager and into my early 20s, I was always certain about what I’d do if I got unexpectedly knocked up. But over the past couple of months, trying again has been a subject of frequent conversation between my husband and I.
And I had terrible morning sickness (that lasted all day) during those two months I was pregnant last year. If I didn’t want to be about-to-burst, we’d need to wait until at least the summer to start trying. I drank coffee like 15 times while I was pregnant, and Stella only turned out a little weird. Even a small one can be more pain and mental stress than you planned, and it can send your body into a mild form of shock and induce a miscarriage.

Most of them don’t look completely miserable, but I imagine it would be a heck of a lot better without the belly! You shouldn’t feel badly at all for saying what you did — I feel like it would be much easier for women if we could just admit more often that having a kid is wonderful but also that yes, it does sometimes limit what you can do. As for the tattoo, well – maybe wait until after a baby and then you can incorporate it? I’m not a great traveler at my best; I don’t imagine it would be much fun to travel while feeling continually nauseous. If I wanted to be pregnant but not too pregnant, we’d probably want to conceive around September. I camped, hiked, and kayaked throughout my pregnancy, only because I felt great, obviously wouldn’t have if I though I would be miserable. Come to think of it, my first trip to Hawaii would be a lot less fun without being able to sip on a pina colada. If I wanted that pina colada, pregnancy would have to be postponed until after the wedding.
Not looking for a gold star, just saying that not everyone is super uncomfortable during pregnancy.
For all you know, your friend could wind up postponing the wedding and you’d feel like an ass for waiting a year.
It was too bad the baby waited an extra week to be born, I really loved the preciseness of his due date.
CHARLES for his help towards our family and today i am a happy mother of three kids two boys and a baby girl all thanks goes to the great DR. With our first we got pregnant right away and ended up being due at Christmas time, which was somewhat inconvenient and now our son has the whole Christmas birthday thing to deal with.

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