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If you can treat your low sperm motility problem with cheaper, easier treatments, shouldn’t you try them first? Male fertility problem is mainly because of two reasons and these are: low sperm count and low sperm motility. Extreme heat can be very harmful to your testicles as a result of which faulty sperm are produced.
There has been considerable evidence to suggest that heavy metals play a role in the quality of sperm.
If nothing seems to help, go to the doctor and check out the fertility treatments offered, their costs, and their requirements in order to make an informed decision. Why would I buy from a company that doesn’t have the courtesy to reply to its patrons? All this type of medicine do they found in chemist best herbs spirulina herb, nettle herb, and carcuma roots. You should give a gap of at least two days because too frequent sex can also decrease the motility of your sperm. Thus you should detoxify your body by avoiding a few foods such as iodized salt, sea fish, and so on.
Clinically proven to dramatically increase your chances of conception and help you get pregnant fast from the very first use. Prabha Sahgal MD, is board certified in obstetrics and gynecology and subspecialty board certified in reproductive endocrinology and infertility.
Now, I release too quickly while having sex and the worst is that I do feel serious neural pains after sex. Few situations are more frustrating for a couple than having difficulty starting a family despite an intense desire to do so. Through this process the sperm is deposited directly near the egg and thus, there is no need for the sperm to move.
Your diet should be healthy and it should include nutrients such as zinc, vitamin C, folate, vitamin B12, etc. And now for a limited time, Try a FREE starter pack today & receive 20 FREE pregnancy tests and a FREE Digital BBT Thermometer!

If you are deficient, you may also take nutritional supplements to meet your body’s requirements.
Eighty-five percent of couples will conceive within one year of having unprotected intercourse. Then one must obtain a semen analysis from the male patient to ensure that the sperm count, morphology (shape), and motility are adequate to achieve fertilization. Grisham walks couples through this process by providing information, counsel, and emotional support in an environment that is unrushed and one which encourages questions and the participation of both his patient and her husband. In this case what happens is, the sperm barely make progress once they are ejaculated into the vagina.
Even in this case there is no need for the sperm to swim and thus, these treatments are usually successful. This test for a low sperm count is easy to use at home, and determines the concentration of sperm in semen. It is the fifteen percent that do not conceive within this time frame who have an infertility issue.
Finally, you must evaluate the patency (openness) of the fallopian tubes to rule out the presence of tubal factor infertility. Normal sperm are quick and as soon as they are ejaculated, they swim as fast as possible through the vagina into the fallopian tube in order to fuse with the egg and to fertilize it. However, if you can treat your problem with cheaper, easier treatments, shouldn’t you try them first? This can be accomplished utilizing a radiographic study known as a hysterosalpingogram or intraoperatively with a similar test called chromotubation. When the sperm fail to move, they perish in the vagina itself and the egg is not fertilized.
The cause may be from a male factor (low sperm count), female factor (anovulation), or both. In both cases, either a contrast fluid or dyed fluid is gently injected into the uterus while observing the fallopian tubes for evidence of the fluid passing through the tubes and successfully spilling into the abdominal cavity, thus demonstrating patency of the fallopian tubes. In some cases, the sperm move but at very low speed, which is not enough and they perish on their way.

Medical treatments to treat this problem are few but there are some easier natural options that you could go for. You need a sperm, you need an egg, and you need a place where they can successfully come together. So, the first step to making healthy sperm is to take a sperm test.Figure out why you have low sperm countSome causes of low sperm or male infertility are genetic or inherited, and can’t be “fixed” through fertility supplements, surgery, or fertility foods. Learn as much as you can about your body.Learn about the causes of male infertilityWhat do you know about the causes of male infertility?Low Sperm Count? How to Make Healthy SpermUnhealthy sperm may be caused by environmental toxins, healthy issues, prescription medication, smoking, excessive bicycling, laptops on laps, hot tubs, evolution, and other unknown factors. If you have a serious health condition or you work with hazardous materials, your sperm may be affected. Again, the more you know about your body and its reaction to the environment, the better position you’ll be in to conceive a baby.Talk to a urologist and a fertility doctorDon’t rely on infertility blogs or fertility websites for tips for improving sperm count and getting pregnant! There is a lot of misinformation on the internet, and things like fertility supplements can be harmful – even if they’re natural or organic. Always, always, always talk to your doctor before taking advice about making healthy sperm.That said, however, there are many healthy ways to possibly improve sperm count without taking herbal supplements or possibly compromising your healthy. Eating foods for fertility, timing intercourse with ovulation predictor kits, quitting smoking, and losing weight are good tips for getting pregnant for both men and women.One of the best tips for low sperm countBrush and floss your teeth regularly!Untreated dental problems and poor dental hygiene may contribute to overall poor health. One research study found that men who received regular dental treatments and who took care of their teeth had improved sperm health, compared to men who didn’t take care of their teeth. Since bacteriospermia (bacteria in semen) has been linked to male infertility, it’s important to floss and brush your teeth at least twice a day.For more tips on low sperm count, read 4 Ways to Make Sperm Healthy.You may also be interested in What Causes Unexplained Infertility in Men? I welcome your thoughts or questions about low sperm count below…just don’t ask me for medical advice!

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