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Many misconceptions abound about the act of getting pregnant and most of them are quite ridiculous. Many people have heard that the soda drink Mountain Dew lowers a mans sperm count, therefore, if a man is drinking enough of Dew he cannot impregnate a woman. Hot tubs are fun for all, but be warned, pregnancy can occur if you have intercourse in a hot tub just as easily as in a bed. Though this is good exercise, doing jumping jacks after having sexual intercourse is not an effective method of birth control. Another popular belief is that if you have sex with the woman on top she can not become pregnant because gravity will simply make the sperm fall out or render them incapable of swimming upward.
The rhythm method is a method of birth control that involves the careful mapping of a womana€™s monthly cycle.
Some women and men think that if a woman is on her period she cana€™t become pregnant because she just finished her cycle and will not be ovulating for a couple weeks. The most common myth about conception is that is a man pulls out before ejaculation he can not get a woman pregnant because no sperm has entered her vagina. I find it frightening that people actually believe some of these thingsa€¦ I mean, the rhythm method and pulling are understandable misconceptions (Yeah, I know terrible pun), but hot tubs? You can get condoms for free a€“ Planned Parenthood will provide birth control pills and the exam for free. It is also known as NFP, natural family planning, and so far of my wife and the people we have been in contact with about this have had no unplanned pregnancies.
The pulling out method can be up to 96% effective when used correctly as compared to condoms that are 98% effective.
While jumping jacks or any radical movement are not effective birth control methods, it should be noted for people wishing to become pregnant that these actions do lower the likelihood of conception.
However, my husband and I tried to conceive for a year before I finally got pregnant, which I suppose means in my case that the pull-out method is less effective at preventing pregnancy than NOT pulling out.
Even if the guy pees beforehand, therea€™s still an itty bitty chance some determined little sperm will hang on and then find its way to the egg.

My boyfriend & I have been using the pull out method for close to 4 years (16-20) and I have never been pregnant.
Here you will find tons of thrilling free sex movies to your taste from porn tubes - X Videos, DrTuber, Tube Ultimate. You have to look no further than the most far-fetched and oldest myth of all a€“ the stork brings the baby. The food coloring dye in Mountain Dew, specifically Yellow 5 is rumored to reduce a mana€™s sperm production. Many people believe a a€?condoma€? of chlorine and heat kill the sperms, which it will, but all the sperm that stays inside is still perfectly fine and able to connect with an egg and start forming a baby! Sperm however are very capable little guys, and can just as easily swim up with the girl on top as in any other position. The belief is that if you avoid intercourse during the days of ovulation, you can avoid pregnancy.
In actuality, as long as the women has monthly cycles she can get pregnant even if it is her very first time having sexual intercourse.
However, there is pre-ejaculatory fluid that comes out before a man has ejaculated and this fluid can contain sperm.
For those people wishing to become pregnant, try to avoid major movement for a short time after sex. Just to add insult to injury, my first pregnancy happened on a day when I shouldna€™t have been ovulating. As I stated before, it took a YEAR for me to get pregnant when I was actively attempting to do so. Fortunately we can rule that one out easily, but there are plenty of other mis-conception myths to go around.
This friction then can lead to the rupture of both condoms, so for all those thinking they need a back up, just stick with one.
However, sperm can live for 3 to 5 days in a womana€™s vagina, and ovulation is not always set on the same day from month to month.

These sperm can then proceed into the uterus and if they meet with an ova, a baby can be made. The only possible way to have gotten her pregnant if he did indeed pull out is if he masturbated shortly before intercourse without urinating in between. So for 25+ days of the month, ALL contraceptives work equally well, even the harebrained ones, if only because therea€™s no pregnancy to be had. Precum is by nature acidic it is meant to kill any bacteria, pathogens and to clean out the urethra of urine and other stuff.
Yet for my third pregnancy, all it took was 30 seconds of unprotected sex (thata€™s how long it took me to realize we were being idiotic and grab a condom) after 3 YEARS of using protection every time. Ironically when we broke up he used a condom with another chick, it broke and now he has a son.
You could say the Internet is pregnant with such erroneous information concerning the simple act of making a baby.
A man can drink 10 bottles of Dew a day, and though he may get a gut from all that sugar, he is still very capable of getting a woman pregnant. In fact, many sperm become pushed up further into the vagina near the cervix making them even closer to the egg therefore increasing your chance of becoming pregnant. Wella€¦ I have always thought school health classes were pretty much useless, but what happened to common sense? All that shows is that pregnancy is largely a game of chance, and correlation does not equal causation. This is true because then left over sperm can be pushed up with the precum, however 99% of any leftover sperm is KILLED by percum.

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