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Up to 4% of women experience postpartum hemorrhage and it more likely occurs with a cesarean birth. In vaginal delivery, the amount of blood loss is about 500ml, but in cesarean birth, the amount of blood loss is 1,000ml.
Most of the times postpartum hemorrhage occurs immediately after the delivery, but sometimes it can occur later also. If there are no proper uterine contractions, then the blood vessels will freely bleed and finally results in postpartum hemorrhage. Multiple pregnancies: The condition in which more than one placenta exists and also over distension of your uterus. Pregnancy induced hypertension: The condition due to high blood pressure during your pregnancy.

If postpartum hemorrhage continues like this, then you can take several steps to control the bleeding. Potocin injection helps to prevent postpartum hemorrhage and helps the placenta come out quickly and easily. Make sure that you take the help of relaxation and breathing techniques and don’t do exercises that cause excessive stress. I wanted to make this post based on the fact that if I wasn't trying to conceive, I would have written this month off as an early period.
Hay am having similar problems I think I ovulated between the 13th and 15Th august on the 21st I had pinkish blood on wiping myself in the morning followed by brown discharge that day only on wiping tho and the same the following day now today nothing am due in 5 days time u think this could be implanation?? After the delivery of placenta, the uterine contractions help to compress the bleeding vessels at the region where the placenta was connected.

This condition allows you to secrete your own oxytocin to help contract the uterus and expel the placenta.
Also, massaging is used to check the tone of the uterus and make sure that it is clamping down to stop excessive bleeding.
Same exact thing is happening with me right now (red bleeding at 6 dpo) and you have allowed me to not give up hope! It's now completely stopped (today is 15DPO) and I'm wondering was that the shortest period in the world or was it an implantation bleed.

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