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In the week or so since my book has come out, one of the most common pieces of criticism I’ve gotten—though, surprisingly, usually not from doctors themselves—is that doctors know best. My OB fell in this 40%, and told me it was fine to have a couple of drinks a week in later trimesters. Emily Oster is an Assistant Professor of Economics at the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago. Quite a number of women know better than to take parental responsibilities they’re not up to. SRIKARA Ortho & Multi Speciality Hospitals is a 100 bed multi speciality with unit of world class ortho and critical facilities. SRIKARA Ortho & Multi Speciality Hospitals is located at heart of Secunderabad opposite to Railway Reservation counter, but in calm, serene surrounding, greenary and open space on three sides and engaged in providing primary as well as tertiary health services, with a difference. The SRIKARA Ortho & Multi Speciality Hospitals a unit of of Venkateswara Ortho Health Care Pvt. It’s a data-driven look at pregnancy in which I take my training, in economics, to look at many of the decisions and rules that come up while pregnant.
Pregnant women, and patients in general, should just do what their doctor says, the refrain goes. There is often significant disagreement among doctor—not to mention between individual doctors and national or governmental recommendations.
Historically, invasive prenatal testing (amniocentesis or CVS) was suggested only for women over 35.

ACOG makes a clear statement that no amount of alcohol has been proven safe in pregnancy and suggests that women abstain while trying to conceive as well as during pregnancy. But we should recognize that, in many cases, recommendations are coming from their doctor’s interpretation of research data.
And doctors shouldn’t be afraid to help them sort through the complexities of the data. The hospital has expert and renowned doctors, state of the art medical infrastructure which includes the advanced laminar operation theatres, CT scan, ultra sound, digital x-ray and other diagnostic services with fully equipped laboratory to provide round the clock prompt and accurate treatment. Our experts’ team commits towards quality treatment and exclusive care towards patients. It is a hospital that is founded and managed by professionals with a mission and a passion for providing oral care for the needy. We believe in treatment transparency and seriously see to it that our patients get the fairest advice at an extremely affordable treatment. Especiaslly for Joint Replacement to control infection we have installed FIRST i-Suite Operation Theatre in the State.
The simple rule of just doing want the doctor says will lead to quite different behavior depending on who that doctor is.
In 2007, ACOG changed their recommendation to suggest that all women, regardless of age, be counseled on the same options.
That data is often incomplete (this is certainly true in both the bed rest and alcohol cases above) and individual doctors and national organizations are left to make the best recommendations they can.

Our hospital is furnished with the latest medical equipments, world class laminar operation theatres, the intensive care units which are centrally monitored. Hence we take good care of medically compromised patients as well such as diabetics, cardiac, hypertensive patients etc.
What it does do is outline the data and decision process women could use to make decisions for themselves. Despite this, a 2009 survey of obstetricians found that while 92% of them offered amniocentesis to patients over 35, only 15% offered it to patients under 35.
It didn’t take long to then realize that recommendations—hers and theirs—were based on studies. Again, there is disagreement among doctors and between at least some doctors and the national organization. The disagreement, therefore, stemmed at least in part from different readings of these studies.

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