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If you have PCOS and already get pregnant (with or without treatment) – congratulations because some women with PCOS cannot get pregnant even after treatment.
Most common complications in PCOS pregnant women are Gestational Diabetes, Pregnancy-induced high blood pressure and Miscarriage.
Gestational diabetes is a condition characterized by elevated blood sugar levels during pregnancy.
Women with PCOS should take necessary precautions in early stages of pregnancy and do some laboratory tests (screening) for the possibility of gestational diabetes. In general hypertension (increased blood pressure) is an important indicator to monitor during any pregnancy. According to official statistics women with PCOS and induced pregnancy have higher frequency of miscarriage than women without PCOS. High insulin levels in women with PCOS can interfere with the normal balance between clotting factors in the blood and the promotion of normal clot break down physiology. It is important to highlight that despite of high risk for miscarriage in PCOS pregnant women, several steps can be taken to prevent miscarriage and end up with mature healthy pregnancy and delivery.
There are many things that you can do to help improve your chances of becoming pregnant when you have PCOS. There are many different stress reducing methods that you can choose to incorporate into your regular schedule to help eliminate it from your life.

There are many available that have helped women with PCOS become pregnant, but one of the most popular options is Clomid. If you are looking to become pregnant with twins, one of the best ways to increase your chances is to wait until you are older before having children. Fortunately, this is also something that can increase your chances of becoming pregnant with twins. This means that you should avoid things such as cigarettes and alcohol and include healthy foods in your diet. But, becoming pregnant after 40 may also not be possible without these fertility treatments. Greater likelihood to getting pregnant inside a certain pregnant women, not due to the snug, but. Now that the stress of achieving conception is behind you, you may already be concerned about the next stage, the pregnancy itself.
Women with PCOS who become pregnant may experience more health problems than the general population.
Healthy women without PCOS have an average of 15-25% chance of miscarriage compared to an average of 45-50% for pregnant women with PCOS.
Often, women over forty are also forced to rely on fertility treatments in order to become pregnant.

These treatments, however, are fairly expensive and many may find it difficult to afford them. Many women with PCOS have tried this drug in the past and have been able to become pregnant by taking it. It is important to know that that PCOS pregnancy does not always progress without complications. Stress is also something that can make it harder to become pregnant, so you should attempt to remove as much of it from your life as possible. It is often the first drug that is given to women who are struggling to become pregnant and is very effective. For this reasons, increasing your chances of having twins after you turn 40 is much easier than if you attempt to do so while you are younger.

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