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Breasts grow so that if you become pregnant you will then be able to breast feed the baby once it's born.
Now if one day you decide to have a child the Uterus is where the baby will grow, but so the uterus can be ready to grow a baby once a month it needs to go through a process called the menstrual cycle.
It can take up to 6 years for breasts to fully develop and even then they don't finish developing until pregnancy. The first thing that happens in the menstrual cycle is inside the ovaries (see diagram) a very tiny egg grows. It's the process where a child's body grows and matures into an adult, and for this to happen your sexual organs (private parts) must develop so that when you're older you can have children. So don't worry about your breast size, if they're small give them a chance to grow but it's perfectly normal for breasts to remain small through a woman's adult life.

When this egg has matured it is released out of the ovaries and travels down the fallopian tubes. They're like and instruction your brain sends to your body.Let's start with the female body.
It will start off growing fine and straight and as you get older it will get coarse and thicker.
While the egg is travelling down the fallopian tube the lining in the uterus grows so that when the egg gets there if it happens to meet a sperm the lining will protect the baby as it grows. Here's another diagram to give you an idea of what pubic hair looks like, but remember don't compare yourself to it as everyone is different. Since the lining of the uterus is no longer needed it is flushed out in what's called a period.

Some girls will feel like their nipples are itchy but don't worry this is only because the skin is stretching. This is a diagram which gives you an idea of how breast development begins but don't worry if you're not that developed. It's important to remember that you may feel like the young one now but within the next couple of years it will happen to you too ready or not!Once a woman reaches the age of around 50 she goes through a thing called menopause. If a woman were to have a baby at this age there is less chance of it being healthy as the woman is no longer young and healthy herself.

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