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Baby Yoga classes are back to Wednesdays - join us for stretching, singing, fun, songs and relaxation.
The class will focus on strengthening the pelvic floor to revitalise the muscles and help you retrieve perineal sensation and correct any incontinence. The class will focus on releasing tension from the neck and shoulders as these areas become tight and inflexible as a result of feeding and carrying your baby.
A loss of endurance is commonplace after pregnancy and birth and many of the yoga postures work directly on increasing stamina on a physical and psychological level. Following the personal post-natal programme you may join the 10 week All Levels course half price at either Balham or Earlsfield Venue.

Please also remember that once you have your baby, following your 6 week check up you can return to whYoga to do a 10 week post-natal course in St Luke's Hall, Ramsden Road, Balham. Following the post-natal course you may join the a 10 week All Levels course half price at either Balham or Earlsfield Venue. This is a single powerful personal post-natal programme written by Skip Oliver, offering the new mother time to focus on herself. Yoga can really help you feel confident about handling your new responsibilities and keep you grounded.
Following completion of the course we advise you to join the All Levels class (see offer below) to maintain your fitness and equilibrium.

Pranayama (breathing practice) can energise you after an interrupted night’s sleep and the postures can support you physically and help balance your hormones, calming their vibrating pulse.

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