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During the first half of this month, your baby will grow to a full 2 pounds in weight and more than 9-inches in length.
By the end of the seventh month, your baby weighs about 2.5 pounds and has grown up to 16 inches . Since this is the third trimester, it is a good idea to begin discussing with your doctor or midwife about the various options of childbirth, including medications for the labor pain. As month eight comes around, your baby will continue to grow and you will continue to gain weight. Entering your seventh month, your baby already weighs just more than a full pound and is approximately 9-inches long. Also, because the baby can respond in utero to singing, talking and reading, you can read books or sing songs close to your belly.
You are now visibly pregnant, having gained on average 10 to15 pounds, and may have experienced some back pain as well as itchy skin from stretching.

You may notice that music makes your baby move more, and he is developing patterns of waking and sleeping.
These are likely just Braxton Hicks contractions, which are your body's way of starting the preparations for child birth. A 3D ultrasound at this stage of pregnancy will show many distinguishable features of your baby, so you could opt to have one performed during the seventh month. Her scientific work has been published in journals such as the "American Journal of Physiology" and her informative articles have been published on various websites. It may be wise to assign a close family member or friend to make phone calls so you don't have to worry about it.
They can be brought on by dehydration, sex, a full bladder or if you're very active, according to the American Pregnancy Association. Patel is an avid reader and freelance writer and shares her thoughts in her blog called Beyond the Curls.

Most importantly, your baby has settled into the proper position for birth with his head facing downward. As long as they aren't continuous or strong, your doctor may continue to allow you to work.
Also, your center of gravity has shifted with the growing belly and pain may increase in the lower back.
Visits will include a urine test and cervix check; and your doctor will listen to your baby's heartbeat and check for any swelling you might have, according to the American Pregnancy Association. Contact your doctor if Braxton Hicks contractions don't ease up after taking a warm bath, changing positions or drinking extra water.

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