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Movement? It started with flutters between 14-15 weeks, but by 15 weeks I felt those first definite kicks!
The most difficult thing? Having to pack away all my pre-pregnancy jeans :-( I know it'll be some time before we meet again, and that makes me sad - I despise maternity clothes!!! Appointments? The 4D ultrasound we had done last week was just for fun - not a medical scan. Bump comparison? 16 weeks pregnant with Oliver on the left vs 16 weeks with this little guy on the right. Heartrate was 147 during the ultrasound, and then my midwife counted 153 about 20 minutes later, but I also heard the heartrate dip on the doppler.
She was opening her eyes and mouth, and the tech tried to get a pic of it, she got the top on a little, which is why it's so dark, hand is again curled under her chin. Brent and I also took the hospital tour last week, and I will fully admit I did NOT like L&D.
Last week also marked the start of our birthing class, which I cannot believe I have not blogged about yet!
Strong support from my partner (Brent) and Midwife and nurse, and my ability to stay strong physically throughout the labor and delivery. Calm and peaceful environment, dim lights, light music, maybe a favorite movie on the tv, etc.
Our 4 year old lab, our hunter, our running partner, our camping buddy, truly our "man's best friend". I can't take pictures now they come out super dark because the sun is up in the living room right now but I have THESE from JCP. ETA:  I hate my wall paper, but it was practically new when we bought the house, so I found other things that needed updated more than the walls.
This internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. Because patience is not one of my strong points, we had a last minute gender peek done on Friday at a 4D place and it didn't take long to guess what we're having - just like his big brother, this little guy is not shy!!!

I have to admit, I overdid it for a few days last week and I've been paying for it ever since - exhaustion is kicking my butt right now. As we saw on the ultrasound last week, this little guy is quite the mover & shaker and I'm definitely feeling it. I had been really struggling to bond with this baby still - having to call him an it was really getting to me, so it feels SO good to know what we're having.
I've bought a couple of pairs of new maternity jeans over here and although the belly coverage is more comfortable, I really don't like the style of the (non existent) waistband.
It only took about a week or two when I was pregnant with Oliver for movement to be felt on the outside, this time around I felt movement a few weeks earlier but it's taking longer to be felt on the outside.
Baby girl was much more active during the doppler than the ultrasound, we could barely get her to move on screen, so she was probably sleeping before we woke her up. Were heading into heavy flu season, and they will not allow most visitors during flu season, it kinda goes on lock down around there I guess. Oh, and the night after our first class, we went out to dinner at Bittercreek and ran into another couple from the class! We moved in to our new house and I feel like I'm living in a fishbowl so I told DH we have to get window treatments.
I feel like I can really start to get excited now, not to mention start planning out the nursery. The pants I bought in Europe still had belt loops and a faux button - they actually resembled jeans. I'm looking forward to seeing our little mister again and curious to see what the doctors say about his size.
I really don't want people coming to the hospital to see me or the baby, and I would rather have them come by once were home and settled in. They recognized us, and we sat in the parking garage entrance talking for almost half an hour! He did look a bit alien like at times - it was nothing like the 4D scan we had done with Ollie at 29 weeks, but still pretty cool!

I'm not throwing up every day though now so that's a big plus, but I really hope it all goes away sooner rather than later. I'm kicking myself for getting rid of most of my maternity clothes from my pregnancy with Oliver.
The sonographer at the 4D place said he looked 'very well sized for gestation' - she asked how big Ollie was (8lbs5oz) and said she'd guess this little guy will be at least 1lb BIGGER! I look forward to seeing them again this week and getting to know them, they seemed like a pretty cool couple. I am dying to get back to the gym and just spend a bit of time tuned out on the elliptical, even just for my mental health but morning sickness + exhaustion still hanging around has made late afternoon strolls around the neighborhood the limit of my exercise these days.
They just had their 2nd baby last week (Congrats to them!!) I have yet to hear how it went, but the class instructor was their doula! So all through our class, she referenced them and how she was at home laboring currently and if she got a call she had to go, but that the husband insisted she not cancel the class because Brent and I were in it and he didnt want us to miss! The what if's are there too, as in, what if I labor all night, and want to sleep all day, visiting hours will be over. Part of the reason I had the ultrasound was because at my last 3 appointments my fundal height has been measuring 2 weeks big, so our midwife wanted to see if it was baby, me, amniotic fluid, or just because. Calming, soothing colors on the walls, browns, creams, tans, with color accents in the decor, very relaxing and nice compared to the total hospital feel of the other side. What if the baby is having a hard time feeding, I want to give her my full attention and not stress or worry if someone is there.
The tech mentioned she thought she was closer to 5lbs, but it's hard to tell just from an image and ultrasounds tend to be off. The bonding that happens those first few hours is incredible and we want to have the fullest amount of that special time possible.

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