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I know my pregnancy isn't over yet, but I thought it would be neat to look at how Baby C and I have grown over the first 36 weeks of this journey! We have had to revert back to the older software, this means losing any posts and any new members who joined since the upgrade at the end of last year, so if things look strange and you can't log in you will need to rejoin I'm afraid!! It does but there's a dip where the bum is I think (haven't got it yet) so I suppose it'll be his legs that are in the air.

I remember a few years ago when my mum bought my sisters pram that the woman said its really bad for baby's back to keep him in a carseat position for long periods. I've seen some wedges on eBay though for cots and prams so if I don't get on with you pushchair, I'll buy one of those and try to improvise.
And I know this is the fashion now- with pram frames that fit the car seat- so if it does, that'd be immense!

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