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Common pregnancy symptoms include a missed period with or without appetite change, nausea, dizziness, swollen or sore breasts, frequent urination, and being frequently tired. Our urine tests are considerably more accurate than many home tests and can detect pregnancy as early as 7 days after conception.  Because low hCG levels in very early pregnancy can result in a false negative, we recommend that you retake a urine pregnancy test at 31 days after the first day of your last period if you originally had a negative result.
We offer limited obstetrical ultrasounds performed by medically-trained registered nurses under the supervision of our Medical Director.
You have reached the ninth week of your pregnancy, and now the embryo can officially be referred to as the fetus (Latin for ‘offspring’) [1]. The eyes already have some pigmentation, making them more prominent [4] while small earlobes are visible on an ultrasound.
The eyes are now covered with well formed but fused eyelids that will not open until early in the third trimester [3].
The tiny arms and legs already make your baby look like a miniature human being with the wrists and ankles developing fast [3]. Internal organ development: All the main internal organs, including the heart, lungs, kidney and intestine are already in place, developing rapidly [4] along with the muscles. The increasing blood volume will continue to make your body organs work harder, leading to various pregnancy symptoms [5].
Your uterus continues to grow (it is almost as large as a small melon) [8] as you may notice your belly gradually getting bigger. Apart from the beating tiny heart, an ultrasound can also show your baby making small movements [4]. As in the earlier weeks, the increasing pregnancy hormone levels, along with the rising blood volume is responsible for most of the symptoms. Having a twin pregnancy increases the risks of the above symptoms due to higher hCG levels.
We went to Foley, AL on the 23rd and stopped at Battleship Memorial Park in Mobile on the way back home on the 24th.
I finally figured out how to get a whole bunch of extra lives in one of my favorite PC games - Bionic Commando Rearmed. Now, fire up Bionic Commando Rearmed and go to the first place you can find in the game where there is a quick, easy way to die early in the stage. We Were Pirates - Robert Hunt: A Torpedoman's View of the Pacific War by Robert Schultz and James Shell has finally been released.
I haven't even opened my copy of the book as I know if I do I won't want to send it off for autographing.
You can read about this book by visiting the author's website where you can also order a DVD that goes with the book. I really want to see the new "Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen" movie, but I'm not sure how we'll ever make it to a movie theater again.
We are both really tired and scrambling around in an attempt to have everything ready for the hospital and for when we bring her home.
We have been attending weekly childbirth classes as well as weekly checkups with the doctor(s).
Oh, and in case you didn't notice, I added some code into this page so that you can read my last 5 updates on Twitter. We do have newer ultasound photos but I haven't scanned them yet, as they really don't show much more than previous ultrasounds have.
In website updates, I have moved the location of the guestbook using a PHP function to integrate it into this website better. No complaining about the quality of the pics please, the originals are on crappy paper (feels like those receipts you get at a gas pump) and my scans are as good as they are going to get.
It will be a long road to travel the next many months, please keep us and the baby in your prayers. From aerial shots, we can see the fence around the park is gone, the grounds flooded, the multi-ton Tautog Sail was moved (pivoted) about 40% if you consider the fulcrum point to be the fwd point of the sail, and the USS Stewart (DE) was undermined on the starboard side and is listing to starboard. The entry and storage buildings are also missing and the USS CARP barrel (alongside the Stewart) is askew.
Click the video link below, then advance it to approx the 3 min mark to see the video over views of Seawolf Park. Well, we went to Jackson today to take care of some shopping needs and to get away for a while. Since the Mississippi Board of Registration for Foresters has dropped the BORF logo from their website, I've complained to bring it back. Well, apparently something, some tiny something, got corrupted in my MySQL database that keeps up with the forum members on SUBMARINEMUSEUMS.ORG Forum.
My fortune cookie from our wonderful dinner tonight said "Your present plans are going to succeed".

My pics have moved around as a result of me getting tired of fooling with the Gallery application. Just wanted to say that my websites (all 3 hosted on the same server) survived a bad denial of service (DoS) attack all afternoon. Sunday morning, the Nuvi 260W lead us to a nearby IHOP restaurant, where we ate a delicious breakfast. I have finished (somewhat) a tribute to my maternal grandparents, Shelton Doyle Blalock and Lodena Alexander Blalock. Here's a video that Peter Jorgensen recorded when he and Robert Hunt visited the USS Cobia on May 4, 2008. I make one update clarifying some of the presidential race misinformation and everyone labels me as an Obama fan. Well, in the very near future we'll have a single democratic and republican presidential candidate. Honestly I have been enjoying the democratic race, as whoever comes out on top it will be someone very different from anyone in the past. Speaking of annoying, have you kept track of the Mississippi State Legislature this session? I tell you, it is nice that you can watch the senate and house floor live via the web this year, but we still need accountability on voting.
On a different note, I've entered 4 screenshots in the Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific February Screenshot Competition.
My DDO subscription ran out officially on the 6th, and the guild Transgression disbanded (nothing to do with me) last night. I received word today that Robert Hunt's story will be published by the US Naval Institute Press in the Spring of 2009. There are so many little tinkering things I want to accomplish soon, and working over this website is one of them.
Today, Emily graduated from MSU Meridian (once again) with a master's degree in elementary education.
Emily and I went down to Laurel last night for the annual Christmas get-together for the Welch family. Oh, and it looks like I may be getting Silent Hunter: Wolves of the Pacific for my birthday! Lastly, I found these neat examples of how to simulate life inside a submarine for non-submarine folks.
Paint everything around you Sea Foam Green (Navy NSN Green, no substitutions) or Off-White to be sure you are living in a clean, happy environment. For you old mechanics, set your lawn mower in the middle of the living room while it is running. Have a fluorescent lamp installed under your coffee table and lie underneath it to read books.
Put a complicated lock on your basement door and wear the key around your neck on a special chain. Put on the stereo headphones (don’t plug them in), go to the stove and stand in front of it.
Pull out your refrigerator and clean behind it for 4 hours and then put it back when you are done. Emily and I traveled to various cemeteries this afternoon to pay tribute to past veterans in our families. Make sure you check out those pics from a couple of weekends ago when Emily and I, along with mom and dad, visited the USS Drum submarine at Battleship Memorial Park in Mobile, AL. Friday night, Emily and I were getting ready to go to Newton County's Homecoming football game. We went on to the football game, and my toe next to my pinky toe hurt tremendously more and more as the night progressed.
I suppose it's also safe to announce now that Emily has a new job teaching 3rd grade at Newton County Elementary.
We were sad already though about NASCAR Cafe closing, and then we get to our destination only to find that the Rocky River Grill and the Apple Tree Inn Family Restaurant had both closed as well. Transgression, the Dungeons and Dragons Online guild that I lead, took down Velah the Red Dragon last night.
So, if ya play DDO, you can find me on the server Ghallanda under the name Quercus or Hilliard. Sometime soon, possibly this afternoon, I'm going to work on a little Dungeons and Dragons Online page on this site. Last night our Sunday school class met at the church for outreach (or "visitation" as the older folks call it).

GameStop called here tonight with an automated message saying my preordered copy of Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach would be available for me to pick up in the store tomorrow afternoon. Some of you may know that Emily went to the doctor about a month ago because of a really bad sore throat. I've been playing the beta of Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach since the 3rd, so my 10 day beta trial is up Monday.
Ya better wear your seat belt, because it's likely by the end of May you will be pulled over and ticketed if you aren't. I have one sensor hanging inside the case and the other sensor stuck inside the heat sink on the CPU. It's sad to know that this tier is the maximum speed we'll ever have until some new technology comes out. Thanks to some help from a friend at BellSouth (again), I was able to upgrade to FastAccess Xtreme 6.0 today!
At least the Governor had enough sense to veto SB 2310, which would have lowered until eliminated grocery sales tax and increased cigarette sales tax. I saw this morning where Representative Greg Snowden, a house Transportation Committee member, introduced HB 976, which would REPEAL Section 63-7-59 of the Mississippi Code of 1972, which would get rid of not only the inspection sticker fiasco, but also remove any window tint regulations period (at least the way I'm reading it).
Other facial features, like the mouth, lips, nose and forehead also continue to grow more distinct, while the teeth start to develop as well [2].
Ultrasound images show clear ridges at the end of the hands and feet, marking the places where the toes and fingers will be [4]. The body changes from the previous weeks, such as the fuller breasts and weight gain [6], remain in the ninth week as your body continues preparing for childbirth and breastfeeding. But, the ninth week is still too early to start showing enough for others to notice the changes, especially if this is your first pregnancy [7]. Most women continue to experience the symptoms of morning sickness (nausea, vomiting) along with headaches, dizziness [10], gas, heartburn, bloating [11], abdominal pain or cramping and lower back pain [12]. Empty out your refrigerator and turn the temperature control down, turning the refrigerator into a freezer.
When it goes off, jump out of bed, get your clothes on as fast as you can, run outside and grab the garden hose. Even though their website said to plan on bed rest for a week, the nurse on the phone just told me that I only need to stay on my back for 3–5 days. Your baby will now start growing in size and gaining weight as the basic body structure is formed. Although it is still too early to tell the baby’s gender by ultrasound, the development of the genitals has already begun [3]. However, it is normal to experience little or no weight gain, especially if you have severe morning sickness and food aversions [7].
But in many cases, it occurs when a woman thinks her pregnancy is further along than it actually is. However, it is perfectly normal to have few or none of the above symptoms during the ninth week.
Say (once again and to no one in particular) "Stove secured", then roll up your headphone cord and put them away.
The placenta is also developed enough to carry out most of the jobs of hormone and nutrient production as well as getting rid of waste products. In such instances, an ultrasound scan performed a few weeks later successfully locates the baby. The title of the book is We Were Pirates and will be all about torpedoman Robert Hunt's whopping 12 WW2 war patrols aboard the USS Tambor.
Log readings of your oil pressure, water temperature, speedometer and odometer every 15 minutes. I think her opinion stems from the heart beating fast and strong as opposed to my baby’s emotional state, but still I take it as good news. Hopefully, all goes well and we get back good results and I don’t have any complications because of the procedure.
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