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Outgoing President Benigno Aquino III on Friday said “respect for each other and the laws that bind us in the community of nations” were what would make the future relations between the Philippines and China “brighter,” making the statement ahead of the much-anticipated ruling of a United Nations Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) to resolve the maritime row between the two nations. President Aquino made the remarks with Chinese Ambassador Zhao Jianhua seated on stage as the Federation of Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. China wants the Philippines to pursue bilateral talks to resolve the maritime row in the South China Sea and appears hopeful that incoming President Rodrigo Duterte would be acquiescent compared to Mr. President Aquino also campaigned at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) to adopt a multilateral Code of Conduct in the South China Sea. Most importantly, the Philippines filed an arbitration case against China before the arbitral court to invalidate China’s so-called nine-dash line that encroached within the Philippines’ 200-mile exclusive economic zone. China has refused to part in the proceedings and said it would not recognize the court’s ruling. The 33-year-old local from Papar was arrested by the policemen after he was caught in a special six hour operations along the Coastal Road in Asia City here from 2 p.m. He said investigations found that the Perodua Viva vehicle owned by the driver did not have valid road tax and he had been driving the vehicle for the last three months from his home in Kinarut to his workplace in Likas here. He said during the special operations police had also booked four vans used without proper permits for ferry tourists.
A fire hit a residential area in Pandacan, Manila, on Friday evening, the Manila Bureau of Fire Protection said. Incoming Foreign Affairs Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr. on Friday responded to the United Nations after Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned President-elect Rodrigo Duterte’s apparent support for extrajudicial killings. On Monday, Ban slammed Duterte for his apparent support for extrajudicial and media killings.
Malaysia’s health ministry is alerting schoolchildren and their parents to be extra careful not to contract the highly infectious leptospirosis disease while vacationing in natural water spots. With the school holidays and hot weather, the health ministry is alerting school children and their parents to be extra careful not to contract the highly infectious leptospirosis disease while vacationing in natural water spots. So far this year, there have been 14 outbreaks of the rat urine disease and 2,200 people infected, said the ministry. Recreational areas accounted for 32 percent and 22 percent of these outbreaks in the past two years.
A single gulp of water from a river, pond or waterfall, coming into contact with soil or swimming in natural water spots with small open wounds can expose people to the disease which killed 78 people last year. This, however, did not guarantee that sites which tested negative were completely free of the disease, he said. He said the risk of leptospirosis was proportionate to rodent density, which is affected by sanitation and hygiene, especially in terms of access to food waste.
Scraps left behind by visitors become food sources for rats and other wildlife, whose droppings end up poisoning the natural water sites. He called on vacationers to keep these tourist sites clean, thus controlling the population of rodents and other animals at the site.
Kelantan accounted for the highest number of cases with 365, followed by Sarawak with 362 cases and Terengganu with 323 cases. However, Selangor accounted for nearly half of the outbreaks this year, according to the health ministry. Symptoms for the disease include high fever, diarrhea, muscle aches and headaches, chills, nausea and vomiting. In May, a Seremban college student contracted leptospirosis while swimming in the Jeram Toi Recreation Park in Jelebu. Two other vacationers there were also reported to be admitted into the intensive care unit after a visit to the park. In April, an 18-year-old polytechnic student died of leptospirosis after bathing in a picnic spot in Lata Sedim, Kedah, a month earlier.
In October last year, the Gunung Pulai Recreational Forest had to be closed for three months after samples from a waterfall there tested positive for leptospirosis. This after Dela Rosa said in a TV5 interview that he did not want to double his security amid assassination threats against him and President-elect Rodrigo Duterte. Dela Rosa himself revealed in previous interviews that some drug lords detained in Bilibid had placed a P50-million bounty on his head and Duterte’s after the latter said he would give a P5 million reward to those who could kill a drug lord.
Asked if Dela Rosa, a Davao native, would be allowed to bring in his own security detail from the province when he assumes his new post, Mayor said the PNP chief had the power to choose his own security officers.
The identities of the slain soldiers, with a rank of corporal and private first class, were withheld pending notification of their families. The state weather bureau on Friday said Metro Manila would experience partly cloudy to cloudy skies with rainshowers or thunderstorms. Pagasa said the rest of the country would also experience partly cloudy to cloudy skies with rainshowers or thunderstorms.
The bureau said thunderstorm is also affecting portions of Basilan, Zamboanga Peninsula, Lanao del Norte, Lanao del Sur, Misamis Oriental, Bukidnon, Maguindanao, North Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, Davao City, Davao del Norte and Agusan del Sur. TAGUM CITY—Four girls were killed while more than 20 other people were injured when the truck they were riding in fell into a ditch in Mati City, Davao Oriental, early Friday,  police said. Authorities said the victims, all members of the religious sect Iglesia ni Cristo, were on their way to a sporting event in Mati City.
Citing reports from The Guardian and Telegraph, the two-year-old seagull was scavenging for meat strips when it dunked into the thick and luscious curry on Monday. Dismally, despite the laborious efforts of the rescue workers, the seagull retained its spicy curry odor and was even nicknamed Gullfrazie because of its curry scent. Lucy Kells, the hospital’s nurse, addressed the media, “He really surprised everyone here–we had never seen anything like it before. Because of its malnourished body, the hospital staff fed the seagull with food before it will be released to the wild. The speed with which the national political landscape has shifted, since the election of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte as president, has been dizzying.
Or, to change metaphors: The rapid ripening of the balimbing or star fruit in the political orchard has been one for the farmer’s almanac.
The shifting of alliances in the House will not look out of place in any episode of “Game of Thrones.” From a tiny base of three, Representative-elect Pantaleon Alvarez was able to grow his support to about three-fourths of the entire chamber—in part because as a longtime friend he is Duterte’s choice as speaker, in part because of savvy decision-making and alliance-building. But all this talk of a supermajority sharpens the sense that a fundamental principle of our constitutional government is at risk: The crucial importance of the separation of powers between three branches of government is one of the essential lessons we have learned from our bitter experiment with martial rule.
The average Filipino internet user, according to the Global Web Index’s Social Summary for Q3 2015, spends more than three-and-a-half hours a day on online social networks—the highest in the world, or about twice as much as the world average of 1.77 hours per day.
Slow internet notwithstanding, Filipinos have taken to social networking, and the internet in general, with extraordinary zeal. More than impacting our lifestyles, the compelling need for inclusive growth that has eluded us for so many years can well provide the impetus for promoting wide internet accessibility for Filipinos. In particular, access to basic education can be vastly improved through a strong nationwide internet infrastructure.
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Financial Services for the Poor program brings forth yet another opportunity to help poor households, especially those in remote areas, by giving them access to formal financial services through digital means. Government services otherwise difficult to access for geographic or logistic reasons can also become more available, accessible and prompt. The Philippines’ digital future now lies in the hands of the new DICT mandated to plan, develop and promote the national ICT development agenda. To this Pinay, the anticipated face-off between Hillary and The Donald brings me back to the still ongoing conflict (or contrast) between President-elect Rodrigo Duterte and Vice President-elect Leni Robredo. Without any false modesty, she told her supporters Tuesday that her virtual clinch of the Democratic nomination for president was a “milestone.” It was historic and significant not just for herself but also for all American women—and for women around the world—to become the first woman to win a nomination for president from a major political party in America.
It will indeed be an earthshaking development should Hillary go on to win the US presidential election, especially against a man like Trump, who in his public statements has denigrated women, migrants, people on welfare, Muslims, and the population of Mexico. But it was one woman in particular who was top of mind for Hillary at the moment of her sweet victory. But not all Americans, not even all American women, are as enamored of Hillary as her ardent supporters are.
With some dismay she notes that with Hillary’s clinch of the Democratic nomination, “no one seems to care—at least not many people in my millennial generation. Roberts asks people her age to look back to recent history, to the times when, as a new first lady, Hillary tried to shake up the staid, safe confines of the role of presidential spouse. Certainly it’s been a long, arduous journey for Hillary Clinton since those days of coming under fire for being “too assertive” when she tried to be a truly equal partner to her husband in the White House, then enduring the backlash of the Monica Lewinsky affair, followed by years of establishing her own independent credentials as a senator and secretary of state.
It’s been a political career full of compromises and accommodations, requirements of holding office whether in the United States or the Philippines. Most Filipinos who learn of this for the first time often wonder what we would be like today had the British stayed on. All these questions came to mind when I last visited the Center for Kapampangan Studies (CKS) at Holy Angel University.
I took pictures with my iPad and now share this little-known account of 1763 on the “Proceedings of His Majesty’s Forces on the Expedition Against Manila.” Although the text is printed and in English, it was still a challenge to read because of the font that displays “s” differently. Because Teodoro Agoncillo declared that there is no such thing as Philippine history before 1872 (the execution of Gomburza), many textbooks do not mention the European war for dominance that raged from 1756 to 1763 between France and England, with Prussia and Portugal siding with the British while France received the alliance of Spain and Austria. I visited my parents the other day and was rushing to catch an appointment at UP when my father called out, his voice in obvious distress.
As people live longer, you’ll find more elderly with often sizable savings and pensions, comprising the “golden peso”—more spending power, and more money on hand. I know that all these rules are to control the epidemic of financial fraud, with criminals out to get easy prey: senior citizens.
That story is based on an event that actually happened to a friend of mine, whose grandmother went into depression for several weeks after she handed over P300,000 to strangers. Banks have been warned to be on the lookout for senior citizens trying to withdraw unusual amounts of money, but they often fail to protect their elderly clients. I recently got a call from a friend trying to encash a check I had made out to him, “pay to cash.”  He said the bank wouldn’t encash it unless I cleared it with a call center agent, who was waiting on the line. I stopped the call center agent before he could ask the next question: “Hijo (trying to sound like someone in his 80s), I know you have to do this as part of your job, but can you tell the bank I’m protesting this whole procedure?  I’m beginning to wonder if you’re legitimate, with all these questions, and really, with senior citizens it’s unfair to ask all these questions. The poor agent apologized, admitting that he gets scolded all the time by the people he calls for check confirmation. If banks truly want to protect their elderly clients, they should work out a whole system that considers senior citizens’ needs, and capabilities.
I like banks that have special lines for senior citizens, but it would be even better if security guards are alert to elderly clients (including those who don’t look too senior like myself, ahem) and usher them to tellers or other bank staff trained to interact with older people. Banks need to review all their procedures—from those crazy voluminous forms that need a hundred signatures at a time to the issuance of checks—to make them more senior-friendly. The golden peso can be sizable and banks can help with investing the money wisely and safely, although I have to say, again, that sometimes banks can seem like predators themselves, trying to push some products that come close to the modus operandi of “dugo-dugo” gangs. Let’s all hope that with a senior-citizen president-elect, the government will act as well to help out.
I also can’t stand those sales agents assigned in supermarkets and in drugstores, again targeting the elderly to sample and buy their products. The concept of democratic deepening, with its corollary concepts of institution-building and democratic leadership, may help in assessing what went wrong with Philippine democracy under President Aquino that facilitated the triumph of authoritarian candidate Rodrigo Duterte. It is also when the rules of the game involve not only elections but also, among others, protection of political rights and civil liberties not directly related to elections (for example, increased accountability of government officials, military and police to the public).
Institution-building involves the reform and strengthening of political institutions such as the bureaucracy, legislature, political parties, electoral system, courts and constitutional bodies that make democratic deepening possible. In terms of preventing democratic breakdown, democratic deepening allows democracy to sink deeper roots (via more democratic political culture, inclusive political participation and effective state institutions) to better weather the storms of economic and political crises and of authoritarian challenges that may arise. The most dramatic example is the freedom of information bill, the legislation tailor-made for democratic deepening. But the President simply dribbled it in Malacanang and then passed the ball to Congress where the House dribbled it to death in two Congresses, betraying both his campaign promise and the array of civil society groups that heroically tried to push the bill into law. This damage is dreadful: The democratization literature emphasizes that police reforms are critical bureaucratic reforms in deepening democracy. The lack of progress in democratic deepening was not lethal to democracy up to the third quarter of 2015. But when Duterte finally decided to run in the last quarter of 2015, the warning of democratization scholars became urgent: that many democracies with shallow roots survive simply because no credible authoritarian alternative has appeared to challenge them. For although Duterte was an authoritarian demagogue, he nevertheless had his “exhibit A” that made him credible to millions of voters. Gene Lacza Pilapil is an assistant professor of political science at the University of the Philippines Diliman. I admit to little knowledge about our Independence Day, celebrated yearly on June 12 in commemoration of our nation’s independence from oppressive Spanish rule. Independence Day had always taken a casual form of commemoration since my consciousness of it. But this year’s Independence Day serves as a special hallmark, with the dawning of a new administration and the awakening of a new generation of Filipinos.
There is good enough reason to believe that we still have an identity crisis, which makes our independence somewhat precarious. Ambrosio Rianzares Bautista, the man who penned our Declaration of Independence, could not have written sweeter words for the thousands of people in attendance in Kawit, Cavite, on that day. Today, activists rally against our country’s dependence on its longtime ally in terms of security and economics. Nonetheless, we uphold our independence in the best way we can despite our forgetfulness of our identity as a nation, or our lack of appreciation for it. In the course of the Independence Day celebration, the Philippine flag, our symbol of identity and independence, will be displayed in government institutions, commercial establishments, even private homes.
However, as much as our flag is unfurled in these momentous battles, it is also trampled on when we forget to learn from the mistakes of our forefathers.
Our struggle for independence and our identity crisis need not feed on each other, creating a vicious cycle of repeating the same mistakes.
Throughout the presidency of PNoy, there was a deliberate effort on my part to strive for that beautiful saying, “Better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.” I had, in the past fifteen years of writing weekly articles, done my share of hitting hard at people and their acts that I believed abused the fundamental values by which Filipino and universal lives should be anchored on.
Beyond the writing, though, is deep involvement in other activities beyond just the personal and familial. Your victory six years ago, then, elated me no end and motivated me even to do more as a participative and contributory private citizen. I witnessed with pride how the rest of the world, and it is important how the rest of the world views and relates to us, began to look at the Philippines with growing respect and admiration.
Classrooms, classrooms, classrooms, 65,000 more classrooms to serve 5 million more young students morning and afternoon. Many do not remember how it was a way of life when the military and the police were always being used to intervene and interfere in elections. What was accomplished in your presidency can be powerful building blocks for the next, and I hope it will happen. You will not be president anymore in a few weeks while I will still be a private citizen with hopes and aspirations for my family, my community, and my country. It is true—and this we have always recognized—the “vultures” among us are a major dilemma for our profession.
We also agree—and we have pointed this out time and again—corruption could be the reason some journalists were murdered, just as Duterte also correctly pointed out that even  doing our job right does not shield us, journalists, from those who seek to suppress the truth. We do and will always take exception to the sweeping generalization that most murdered journalists were killed because they were corrupt. We agree it is not within Duterte’s powers to provide a security detail for each and every one of us, nor did it ever occur to us to ask him to do that.
As for Duterte’s dare for the media to boycott him, we are very sorry, but we will not, cannot, indulge him.
THE LOCAL stock barometer reversed early gains on Friday as profit-taking pressures persisted against a backdrop of weak regional markets. For the week, the index slipped by 4.28 points from last Friday’s close, after retesting the 7,700 levels during the week. Sentiment was mixed across counters, with the industrial counter (-1.56 percent) weighing down the index the most. Outside of PSEi stocks, notable decliners include DoubleDragon (-3.21 percent) which succumbed to profit-taking. Meanwhile, the PSEi’s decline was tempered by the modest gains eked out by ALI, AC, Metrobank, SMIC and BPI.
The campaign sought to increase penetration, particularly among those who are not regular consumers of the brand’s famed Chicken Inasal.
The PANAta Awards is an annual recognition program organized by the Philippine Association of National ADvertisers (PANA), a leading association of the country’s top advertisers.
Fotiou spoke in the conference organized a day before the 70th anniversary of the accession to the throne of His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thaiand, the world’s longest reigning monarch. The UN official cited the three main challenges to achieving sustainable development: non-sustainable management of natural resources, the increase in inequality of income and opportunities, and the non-increased participation of many stakeholders in development planning.
He said the Asia Pacific region has not made progress in dealing with the challenges of income inequality and deforestation. He said the way forward to sustainability is to integrate its three dimensions – economy, resources and the environment.
Fotiou said by focusing on economy and not integrating it with resource-management and environmental protection, the result is not economic development but economic growth not felt by the people.
The challenge, he said, is how to operationalize sustainable development, and the UN official lauded the King of Thailand’s efforts to do so.
Based on a disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) on Friday, Golden Haven’s price per share for the IPO had been slashed from the earlier maximum price of P10.62 per share.
Proceeds from the IPO will be used to develop the company’s landbank in Cebu, Iloilo, Cagayan de Oro, Zamboanga, Bulacan and San Exekiel as well as for the acquisition of new land in Iloilo, Bambang (Nueva Vizcaya) and San Fernando, Pampanga. Golden Haven plans to undertake land and site development of underdeveloped areas in existing memorial parks, pursue more land acquisition as well as construct new memorial chapels and crematory facilities within the Golden Haven Las Pinas Park. JG Summit president Lance Gokongwei told reporters after JG Summit’s stockholders meeting late Thursday that after investing around $1 billion to develop a petrochemical business in the country, the group was ready to expand capacity in its current site in Batangas. From a current capacity of 320,000 tons of ethylene a year, JG Summit plans to expand capacity to about half a million tons by 2019. Butadiene is an industrial chemical used in the production of synthetic rubber while aromatic compounds (including benzene, toluene and xylene isomers) are widely used by the chemical and energy industries.

The unemployment rate in April declined from a year ago as the election campaign season created jobs, but the government Thursday expressed concern over high unemployment among the young population as well as an increase in the number of underemployed citizens. Neda attributed the higher number of employed Filipinos in April partly to election-related activities that generated temporary jobs, although majority of employment in the country involved permanent positions. Unemployment among the youth, defined by the PSA as aged 15 to 24, hit 14.6 percent last April, more than double the national unemployment rate. Aided by industry consolidation in recent years, the Philippines is set to catch up with regional peers and become the third-fastest growing market for commercial aviation in 2016, according to an aviation think tank. Capa Center for Aviation said in a report the country already posted “high” single digit growth in terms of passenger volume in 2015. Low oil prices have helped profitability, as well as the acquisition by Cebu Pacific of Tiger Airways (now called Cebgo) in 2014. Capa said growth was also being driven by massive re-fleeting activities, especially by the region’s low-cost carriers. In a separate report, Capa said regional low-cost carrier fleets were growing, albeit at a slower pace. Cebu Pacific is tied with Indonesia’s Wings Air as the operator with the third largest fleet, each with 49 planes, data from Capa showed.  The top two are Indonesia’s Lion Air (113 planes) and Malaysia’s Air Asia (81 planes). It added Southeast Asian budget carriers currently have over 1,100 orders, including almost 90 wide-body aircraft. The European Union (EU) and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) are set to start negotiations for a landmark aviation agreement, which is expected to generate up to 7.9 billion euros in economic benefits over the next seven years. The economic benefits include consumer surplus (in the form of lower airfares), social impacts (through increased employment) and tourism or time savings through more direct routes, the EU said.
The proposed EU-Asean agreement, which would be the first ever bloc-to-bloc aviation agreement, was seen to generate up to 5,700 new jobs between  2017 and 2023.
The EU added the aviation agreement, which also sought to highlight regional integration in the field of aviation, aimed to ensure high standards in safety, security, air traffic management and infrastructure as well as in consumer, social and environmental protection, among others.
Currently, the Asean, which includes the Philippines as its member, has a total population of more than 600 million and is now the third largest trading partner of the 28-member economic-political union in Europe. On Tuesday, the 28 EU transport ministers authorized the European Commission, the executive body of the EU, to start negotiations for aviation agreements with the Asean, Turkey, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The chieftain, Ruben Baes, in a column in the village newsletter, said a barangay ordinance was passed on May 22, opening the Champaca gate in early June from 5 a.m. AAVA—which has been the key proponent of the opening of new gates in the village—also obtained a favorable ruling from the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB), which lifted an earlier cease and desist order against the village referendum on the opening of the gates.
ALI has required written approval from 75 percent of affected homeowners as a key condition to the opening of the gate and not just consent from the majority of village homeowners. Basco argued that such action of the barangay was a ground for disciplinary action under the Local Government Code. YES, the the country’s telecom duopoly is here to stay, as PLDT and Globe Telecom reinforced their hold on the industry through a P70-billion buyout of San Miguel Corporation’s mobile telephony assets. This includes, of course, the coveted 700 MHz frequency,  which is key to providing better mobile Internet experience, since this spectrum is the main “highway” used for so-called “4G” or “Long Term Evolution” wireless broadband technology. While the price tag looks steep for the buyers (and a large windfall for San Miguel), it is by no means an impossible consideration for PLDT and Globe. The deal still has to clear some legal hurdles, however, including the newly created Philippine Competitiveness Commission. While the regulator has remained poker-faced when asked by whether it would approach the deal, journalists were told that both PLDT and Globe had assured San Miguel that they could secure PCC’s approval. In any case, both PLDT and Globe have moved fast to fire up cell sites that would use the prized (and pricey) 700 MHz broadband frequency including, perhaps somewhat predictably, a PLDT cell site in Davao City’s Matina district. Here’s the catch, however: only users of some smart phones using the Android operating system will be able to enjoy the download speed of up to 100 Mbps offered by the new spectrum. Sacramento Station (SAC) is an Amtrak and Amtrak California train station which serves the city of Sacramento, California. The capital of California, situated on the Sacramento River, northeast of San Francisco; pop.
Flax is especially grown in herb and flower gardens as an ornamental, particularly in borders, since the plant grows only a couple of feet tall and is in bloom for a long period. Ferry-Morse has been serving up the best in seed and gardening supplies for over 100 years, and we-footre proud to still be innovating and improving.
Working as an investigative photographer for the National Child Labor Committee, Lewis Hine (1874-1940) documented working and living conditions of children in the United States between 1908 and 1924. The use of wine tasting descriptors allow the taster an opportunity to put into words the aromas and flavors that they experience and can be used in assessing the overall quality of wine. Wedding ceremony participants, also referred to as the wedding party are the people that participate directly in the wedding ceremony itself.
To celebrate the final concert tour of Barbra Streisand's unparalleled career, here is the complete version of her critically acclaimed "Timeless Concerts," which were the highlight of the Millennium celebration.
Lydia works hard to make sure that each outfit is very well made and that you are getting a top quality custom outfit.
Getting married, which literally means living and getting along with a boy, doesn't sound like a bad idea in the end. For all I know, it was a Saturday mornin' photo shoot filled with laughter and intimate moments.
Lilies is a British period-drama television series, written by Heidi Thomas, which ran for one eight-episode series in early 2007 on BBC One. A bulbous plant with large trumpet-shaped, typically fragrant, flowers on a tall, slender stem. The lily is one of the most beautiful and popular flowers in the garden and despite having a reputation for being "temperamental", lilies can actually be very easy to grow.
Featuring an Academy AwardA(r)-winning performance by Poitier*, and nominated** for four additional OscarsA(r), including Best Picture, Lilies of the Field is a funny, sentimental, charming and uplifting film (The Hollywood Reporter). Scrapbooking is a method for preserving personal and family history in the form of a scrapbook.
This is an easy-to-follow guideline that will lead you step-by-step to creating a beautiful and quite unusual pointed tsumami kanzashi flower, which special feature is a stripe of a different color fabric inserted into a petal of the flower. This is the first time I have seen this particular flower whcih is named "Centaurea John Coutts ", at least that's what the voice memo I recorded said it was! Again I took this shot on aperture priority with macro and decided not to apply any editing effects or enhancements.
Aquino who rallied the regional and international communities in urging China to follow the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS). I urge motorist or car owners not to challenge the laws by doing such acts,” ACP Chandra told reporters at press conference here Friday.
He should course these statements through the Philippine government rather than respond to individual statements,” he said. Lokman Hakim Sulaiman said the ministry had conducted tests for the disease in 71 natural water spots nationwide last year and found that 11 percent or eight sites were found to have traces of the disease. Lokman said maintaining one’s personal hygiene and choosing clean food premises would reduce the risk of contracting the disease at hotspots. Ronald dela Rosa refuses to be surrounded by a lot of security personnel, the Philippine National Police (PNP) will insist on its duty to give maximum security to the incoming leader of the 160,000-strong police force.
Wilben Mayor reiterated that it was the duty of the police to protect the PNP chief, the leader of an organization responsible for at least 160,000 policemen. What we see here is an act of treachery of attacking unarmed and in civilian clothes personnel. Andrea de la Cerna, the Southern Mindanao police spokesperson, said the Isuzu Forward (LEA-551) driven by Nove Saren of Tagum City missed the road after its brakes apparently malfunctioned.
Turmeric, one of the ingredients of Chicken Tikka Masala, stained the poor bird’s feathers.
The use of the earthquake analogy is appropriate; in the House of Representatives and, to a lesser extent, in the Senate, the change has been seismic. The President-elect joined the PDP-Laban only recently; on May 9, only three of its candidates for Congress won.
Alvarez reached out to the controversial but politically adept Rodolfo Farinas, reelected to his seat in the first district of Ilocos Norte, to offer him the post of majority leader. At least four members had a real chance at forging a new majority and becoming Senate president: Senate President Franklin Drilon, and Senators Alan Peter Cayetano, Aquilino Pimentel III, and Vicente Sotto III. To hear the new leaders of the House and the Senate announce to the world that they will vote for Duterte’s choices, and then to hear them trumpet supermajorities as though these were an unalloyed good, is to see cracks forming on a founding, constitutional principle. The digital realm is now carried everywhere and is not merely an important part, but rather an integrated element, of our daily lives.
Viber, the internet-based messaging platform, has been downloaded over 20 million times in the country, and is popularly used to communicate especially with those working abroad. We need to make our world a fairer place, and the internet just might be the “great equalizer” we need to lead us toward that end.
We already have large numbers of online tutors in the country teaching English to other nationalities; there’s no reason we cannot utilize the same technology in basic education.
The US Agency for International Development has helped poor farmers in Pakistan and elsewhere by creating a mobile program that provides farmers information about crop prices, market access, and disease prevention.
Estonia, a fairly new country that gained independence in the 1990s, invested in extensive digital infrastructure, and provided free Wi-Fi “even in forests,” and computerization and web-connectivity of all schools. With so much promise and so much at stake, Filipinos wait for change with the same patience they have in waiting for a YouTube video to load. The souvenir stall must have been owned by a Democratic sympathizer since I didn’t see any Donald Trump items, although come to think of it, Trump hadn’t yet reached the levels of prominence he has since scaled in the Republican party. At that time, Hillary was the only star on the horizon in the Democrats’ firmament (Bernie Sanders had yet to emerge as a credible contestant), while the GOP was still mired in the intramurals of a confusing cast of wannabes, until The Donald emerged with his blend of bluster and braggadocio. The latter has said she will “respect” the office of the President, despite his continued snub of her in deference to his “friend” Bongbong Marcos. But one thing Hillary has not abandoned or compromised on: women’s rights and women’s role in the world.
But it is not well-known that the centuries of Spanish rule had a small hiccup between 1762 and 1764, when the British invaded and occupied Spanish Manila and Cavite. How different would we be as a people if our history was shaped by the British rather than Spain, the United States and Japan?
The center has a copy of the British newspaper, The General Evening Post, published in London and containing news from April 21-23, 1763, with its front page fully devoted to the British invasion of Manila.
The auxiliaries, furnished by the gentlemen at Madras, consisted of 30 of their artillery, 600 Sepoys, a company of Caffres, one of Topazes, and one of pioneers; to which they added the precarious assistance of two companies of Frenchmen, enlisted in their service, with some hundreds of unarmed Lascars for the use of the engineers and park of artillery. The Medway, York and Chatham, that were hourly expected, had orders left for them to remain for the protection of the trade. So the British East India Company organized a fleet to challenge its rival in Asia—Spain in the Philippines. It turned out he was trying to write a check for P266,600 and had made mistakes, making the checks invalid. I wrote out the date, the payee, and “two hundred thousand,” but paused almost immediately as I realized I had blundered as well. For months now, since the central bank became very strict about the way checks are written, he has had to redo many checks. They’re using the banks but are tempted sometimes to go back to the old reliable way of keeping money under the mattress. I told my 10-year-old son, who is being home-schooled, that I would have a math and penmanship surprise for him very soon. Half an hour later, the con artists would have convinced her to withdraw her savings to invest in some business of which Baby would approve. The agent asked me how much I had issued the check for, then went on to ask for my birthday, for the number of accounts I had with the bank, and the amount of the last check I issued before this “pay to cash” one. ATMs may have to shift to biometrics because passwords are threatening (even to younger people, who do get senior moments).
It should crack down as well on legal con artists who can be found in the malls, ambushing senior citizens to try and buy their supplements, cookware, massage gadgets, etc. Calling, Mercury Drug store: Sometimes Lolos and Lolas feel trapped inside your stores because of the narrow aisles and the hard-sell sales agents.
The golden peso is there, and a more empowered senior citizenry just might revolt, boycotting establishments that use hard-sell or senior-unfriendly practices.
If democratic consolidation happens when elections become the only game in town for relevant political players who can end democracy, democratic deepening is when the game is expanded to involve a far broader set of political and civil society actors (for example, more nontraditional political parties can now meaningfully participate in elections).
Since political institutions are not strengthened by accident, democratic deepening also relies on the skills, intelligence, charisma and commitment of political leaders in improving the quality of their democracies. Aquino’s important institution-building reforms either got stuck in a Malacanang office or, without his leadership, were allowed to get lost in the labyrinthine halls of Congress. Aquino’s weak democratic leadership fail to engage in institution-building; some of his actions also resulted in the serious damage of institutions.
First, protection from crimes is one of the most basic services that citizens expect from their democratic government. Aquino’s failure to deepen the roots of Philippine democracy that made it more vulnerable to the ferocity of the coming authoritarian storm.
It holds just a degree of relevance, serving only as a highlighted mark on the calendar that means either of two things: that the start of the school year is just around the corner, or, if it has started, that a holiday will be celebrated even before students had warmed their seats. I’d watch TV coverage of the simultaneous raising of the flag in various locations nationwide.
For one, our recent history as a young nation is marked by three upheavals beating the name “Edsa,” with the last two being a little baffling.
Stanley Karnow, in his book “In Our Image: America’s Empire in the Philippines,” said it was easier to gain Filipinos’ cooperation compared to other Asians. The flag is dishonored whenever we allow anyone to threaten our hard-won democracy—worse, when we allow these threats to be made over and over again. Perhaps our independence may not equate to full liberation from economic or protective alliances and diplomatic bonds with other nations. With that vote, I committed to support his presidency by contributing my share, and more if possible, as a private citizen. The way I do criticisms, however, surprises me with its tameness when I compare how other writers would usually express theirs. I have sustained a passionate interest in the history of our country, especially any forgotten past that impacts severely in our present lives.
I manifested that partisanship in as refined and quiet manner as I could because I did not want partisanship to define my life even though it does seem unavoidable at times.
I believe it began just by you being an honest President, with most Filipinos and the international audience believing you were and still are. Because many have forgotten, they cannot appreciate how the new professionalism of the AFP and the PNP has transformed the election climate from one of fear and apprehension to one where peace and order are generally taken for granted. Whatever the future holds for you, what has happened cannot be changed; and what has happened, the totality of it, will be more to your credit than otherwise. While you relinquish your special duties and responsibilities, mine goes on without a pause – except by my decision.
And, yes, hard as it is for many people to believe, as an organization, we do take efforts to convince colleagues—members and nonmembers alike—that the side of right is, well, always right.
But even if they were, we maintain that nothing, not corruption, and certainly not truth-telling, can ever justify murder.
But we do expect—and each and every Filipino deserves this—a government that cares enough to ensure that murder does not go unpunished. Justice for them was something past and present administrations failed—or simply did not care—to render. Elsewhere across the region, trading was choppy as investors turned more cautious ahead of the US Federal Reserve and Bank of Japan policy meetings next week. There were 84 advancers which were outnumbered by 100 decliners while 51 stocks were unchanged. SM Prime, BDO and Petron all declined by over 1 percent while PLDT, MPI, AEV, JG Summit and AP all slipped. Waste materials in the project are reused to manufacture different products, such as the use rice husks for fuel bricks. This will also include the building of downstream capacity – the production of butadiene and aromatics. The top three growth markets were Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia, each with double digit growth, it said. It was the fourth fastest-growing market in Southeast Asia, but could be the third fastest-growing in 2016 as growth in Cambodia slows,” Capa said.
That left just three main players in the domestic space: Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific and Philippines Air Asia.
The 21 budget airlines in the region are now operating close to 600 planes, about 50 more than the start of 2013. The Asean is regarded as a fast growing aviation market currently in the process of creating a single aviation market. This formed part of the new Aviation Strategy for Europe—a milestone initiative to boost Europe’s industrial base and reinforce its global leadership position amid recent economic turmoils. Biz Buzz learned that San Miguel will receive half of the purchase price now, and the other half in a year’s time, which is no problem at all as it isn’t easy to spend or invest all of $1.5 billion in one go, anyway. The agency is legally bound to review transactions of this nature which may or may not reinforce monopolistic (or, in this case, oligopolistic) practices. Hey, after all, incoming President Rodrigo Duterte and PLDT chief Manuel Pangilinan have been known to be buddies, right? That’s because only certain Android phones (like the Samsung Galaxy S7 series) can operate on the 700 MHz frequency. Apparently a lot, especially if your name is David Leechiu, who in 2015 ended his long-time stint at the helm of the local unit of property consulting and brokerage giant Jones Lang LaSalle.
This is possibly due to a combination of personality traits including: charm, cleverness, quick wittedness and their love of a challenge. It is not intended to replace medical advice from your physician, doctor or health care professional. It stands for desire, love, and the metaphysical striving for the infinite and unreachable.

A tea made from the stems and leaves was used to treat various medical problems such as eye infections, stomach disorders, and swellings. Hidden amongst this mass of green, (which I suspect was rape seed) were millions of these tiny little blue flowers. Whether you-footre looking for the finest in flowers or gourmet garden vegetables, you will find all your answers here. These photos are useful for the study of labor, reform movements, children, working class families, education, public health, urban and rural housing conditions, industrial and agricultural sites, and other aspects of urban and rural life in America in the early twentieth century.
Recorded at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas on December 31, 1999 and January 1, 2000, the program contains performances of over 40 songs that span Barbra's illustrious career. This white flower girl basket is beautifully woven in a diamond pattern with quality smooth Satin accented with faux pearls at each intersection.
This concise, illustrated handbook contains detailed information on the care of a variety of lilies. Homer Smith (Sidney Poitier), an itinerant handyman, is driving through the Arizona desert when he meets five impoverished nuns. You will learn what origami is, its origins, whether origami is for you, what you can make using origami, the skills required to succeed with origami, together with materials required, basic origami folds, terms and techniques AND the significant educational and therapeutic benefits of origami.This book is for anyone interested in the art of origami.
This bed in a bag set will add a touch of warmth and it will create a calm and relaxed atmosphere for your bedroom.
This book may have occasional imperfections such as missing or blurred pages, poor pictures, errant marks, etc. M.Chandra said that he was arrested for using a fake license plate which is an offense under the Road Transport Act and carries a maximum fine of RM5000 or one year jail or both. Nakaatang sa kanya ang mabigat na responsibilidad nung opisina na kanyang kinakatawan kaya he really deserves to be protected,” Mayor said in a press briefing at Camp Crame on Friday. These are members of peace and development outreach program teams who are just there trying to build a community,” he said. But a month after the elections, PDP-Laban is set to become the new majority, not only in the House but also in the Senate. The majority-in-the-making allowed some just-elected or reelected congresspersons to join the coalition without leaving their parties, while encouraging others to join PDP-Laban. This week, though, Pimentel, the PDP-Laban president, was able to reach an agreement with two of the other contenders; of particular note, Drilon was able to bring the LP and its allies into the new coalition, a development which Pimentel, who has enjoyed good relations with the LP, must have welcomed.
That’s four more than necessary to elect a new Senate president, but that also means that a not-inconsiderable number of seven senators makes up the minority. Everyone hastens to add that the House will not be a rubber stamp of the Duterte administration, but with margins like these, we can expect the key legislation that it will make a priority, including the reimposition of the death penalty and the revision or amendment of the Constitution, to pass readily. Mobile-based transport network companies like Grab and Uber are now all over our streets, giving commuters an alternative to having their own cars or using public transportation. Making internet readily accessible nationwide does not only mean everyone can access Facebook; it also means much wider access to the empowering knowledge and information that the internet holds. Apart from making textbooks much more easily and widely available, equipping schoolchildren with electronic tablets can emancipate them from having to lug backbreaking schoolbags every day. Unicef’s U-Report, an SMS-based project, is now being used as a means to monitor and evaluate programs in Africa.
But just by being themselves—the President-elect with his echoing of Trump’s bluster with the added spice of earthy expletives, the Vice President-elect keeping her counsel and not rising to Du30’s bait—they already serve as object lessons on how (or how not) to act statesmanlike, or at the very least, with decency, and set an example of civility for our youth to emulate. Can it be said of the negative aspects of our culture that we were colonized by the wrong colonizer?
The news was prominently displayed because the Spanish moved the seat of government from Manila to Bacolor, Pampanga, during the two-year British Occupation. As a compensation for this feeble supply of men, they favoured us with some very good officers in every branch of the service.
And I could not correct it because the central bank now does not allow any alteration, even if cross-signed, on a check. Meanwhile, the challenges are passed on as well to their sons and daughters who are also now senior citizens, trying to help their senior-senior-citizen parents. I called a geriatrician-friend to tell her I had a new exercise for her memory clinic patients.
Imagine Lolo strapped into a massage chair, a supplement with aphrodisiac claims being crammed down his throat.
Aquino’s personal anticorruption drive by legally empowering citizens in exposing government shenanigans through the increased access to information—transparency, accountability, citizens’ participation, empowerment and anticorruption all rolled into one great bill. Aquino bungled the management of the police as he gave priority to friendship over professionalism, which undermined police reform, performance, image, discipline and morale. Second, the police are the most immediate representatives of the coercive power of the democratic government that ordinary citizens in their everyday life encounter and seek help from, or be abused by. Aquino as the top three presidential candidates—Jejomar Binay, Grace Poe and Mar Roxas—sought his endorsement at one time or another. The sight of men and women dressed in Filipino attire, the disciplined lines of ceremonial guards, and the vin d’honneur at the Palace provided glimpses of historical Philippines. As a fellow millennial noted, the name of the events itself was confusing, for what seem to have transpired in all three fell short of a “revolution” and warranted only the title of a “revolt.” But our nation’s predilection for repetitive events dates back to our birth as a nation, with independence declared seven times between 1895 and 1946. US general Robert Hughes is said to have told the US Congress that Filipinos who wanted freedom had “no more idea of its meaning than a shepherd dog.” Have we as a nation collectively exerted efforts to dismantle this notion? But the reality of the Filipino a century after the Declaration of Independence is that the unfurling of our flag occurs in the privacy of our homes, in the streets, in global arenas, or in the spectator sport that is politics.
The flag is discredited when we exchange our vigilance with forgiveness, such that other nations would think of us as masochists, or fanatics. I have maintained a deep desire to understand poverty and participate actively in dismantling it – allowing me in the process of being more intimate with the suffering of the poor and marginalized.
Partisanship feeds and embeds all the more the historical conditioning of divisiveness that weakens us most of all as a people and a struggling nation state. It is, of course, admirable how the Philippine economy performed, not just well, but outstanding in the face of a global economy that has grown soft, often troublesome for once stronger economies.
However, following the pace with which DepEd constructed in the last six years, there could conceivably be a surplus in the next administration. The AFP modernization is unprecedented, and each policeman with a government assigned firearm breaks a long, sad history.
Sadly, we have not been totally successful on this score, but this has not stopped us from trying.
We are sure Duterte agrees that journalists, both the good and the bad, are equally entitled to the protection of the law. We hope Duterte will cut the apathy so that our fallen colleagues and all other victims of the culture of impunity will finally get justice, regardless of what they were and why they were killed. Even when we had differences with presidents, past and present, it never occurred to us to abdicate our duty, which is to keep watch of and scrutinize the government and help ensure it does right by the governed.
The brand’s 2-in-1 sa Laki, Nuot sa Ihaw Sarap campaign for its flagship Chicken Inasal bagged a Silver under the Integrated Program for Brand category. As a result, the campaign strengthened Mang Inasal’s foothold as the number one Pinoy branded eat-out, based on a 2015 Kantar panel report.
Global connectivity is a driver of trade and tourism, and directly contributes to economic growth and job creation,” the EU said.
If you’re an Apple iPhone loyalist, you’ll have to wait until the Cupertino, California-based company makes handsets specifically tailored for this high speed network.
Take a minute and explore the product categories to the right for planning and inspiration, or visit the Gardeners Corner for over a century-foots worth of wisdom. On each side of the basket at the base of the handle, there are wide satin ribbons and thinner satin ribbons that has a center that is decorated with a floral design made of eight faux pearls. Stopping to fix their leaky farmhouse roof, Homer discovers that not only will the Mother Superior not pay him for the job, but she also wants him to build their chapelfor free!
As any other kanzashi, it can have multiple uses starting from the traditional hair embellishment and finishing with scrapbooking or purse decoration.This is an easy-to-follow guideline that will lead you step-by-step to creating a beautiful and quite unusual pointed tsumami kanzashi flower, which special feature is a stripe of a different color fabric inserted into a petal of the flower. Comforter sets are designed to keep you updated and fashionable in the most convenient and inexpensive way. The shift in loyalty of another bloc of five or six senators can change the complexion of the Senate completely. Private motorists use Waze in navigating the congested streets to find the fastest route to their destinations.
More importantly, basic education can more easily reach children and youth in remote areas otherwise beyond the access of schools and teachers.
Handheld devices like smartphones and tablets can be put to good use in typhoon-prone areas for internet-based early warning systems that can substantially mitigate loss of life and property associated with natural disasters. Estonians only take minutes to file their annual tax returns or register a business online. Furthermore, CKS director Robby Tantingco pointed out, with great local pride, that 10,000 Kapampangan fought on the side of the Spanish.
Rear Admiral Cornish reinforced our little army with a fine battalion of 550 seamen and 290 good marines, so that the whole force for the land operations amounted to 2,300 men, who, with the necessary stores, were embarked on board of his Majesty’s squadron, and two India ships employed as transports, with an activity and dispatch that did great honour to all concerned in those arrangements.
This culminated in the Mamasapano tragedy where he bypassed his own interior secretary and the PNP chain of command to deal with the Ombudsman-suspended Purisima on an ill-conceived mission that sent 44 Special Action Force troopers to their death and brought the PNP to an internal crisis just a year before the 2016 elections. Whether police are seen as inept and corrupt or competent and upright, public perception of them inevitably reflects on the legitimacy of the democratic leadership.
Aquino did not achieve: the coveted image of a disciplined police force that enforced the law, protected law-abiding citizens, and hunted down criminals (never mind how this was done and if they only involved blue-collar criminals).
But after the live coverage ended and regular TV programming resumed, life went on as usual as though it were just another day (albeit with no work and less traffic). The June 12 celebration we know today marks the fourth declaration, in 1898, when our flag was first unfurled and our national anthem was first conducted. They could gaze with pride at stone temples that symbolized their past grandeur,” he wrote.
For a flag is unfurled every time a single mom manages to put her children through school, every time a taxi driver returns money and valuables left on his backseat, when our artists win critical acclaim here and abroad, and when there is a firm resolve to stamp out illegal drugs and criminality. The flag is disrespected when we stop believing in a better quality of life and settle for mediocrity. Perhaps what independence means for us Filipinos is the liberty to choose our identity in the face of changing administrations, generations and trends. Hunger, too, both as a reality to millions and a threat to many millions more, has been a constant concern. Throughout a partisan period, from September of 2009 to election day in May of 2010, I muted my partisanship and struggled to maintain my productivity as an advocate against hunger and poverty. The sense of entitlement of the powerful, of those who held positions in government, and even the officers of the Church, developed privileges not mandated by their roles but naturally awarded to them by practice. And while population continued to grow, joblessness did not, thanks in no small way to OFWs, BPOs and the millions of jobs that TESDA triggered.
But because I remember where many have forgotten, I retain a good recall of the stream of criticisms and accusations from the 60’s towards all presidents. At times they are capable of great dishonesty, they can be both self-centered and narcissistic and can often have a superiority complex, believing themselves to be above others.
It produces beautiful silky 3-4 inch brilliant blue flowers that shade garden enthusiasts really love. The straightforward approach to essential techniques, together with advice on tackling pests and other problems and the directory of recommended species will ensure successful results. Hesitant at first, Homer soon finds himself single-handedly raising the chapel and the financing.
We believe this work is culturally important, and despite the imperfections, have elected to bring it back into print as part of our continuing commitment to the preservation of printed works worldwide. Video-on-demand provider iflix hit 2 million subscriptions after only a year of operation in the country.
The Department of Education’s Abot-Alam Program launched last year promises to be the beginning of this, providing out-of-school youth an alternative learning system or alternative delivery modes.
Courtal, an e-court system, allows cases to be filed and heard electronically, eliminating the need to visit a courthouse, while fines can be paid without having to visit the bank. The preparations were begun, completed and shipped in three weeks; through a raging and perpetual surf, by which some lives were lost.
Grant, was previously dispatched through the Straits of Malacca to the entrance of the China sea, to stop all vessels that might be bound to Manila, or sent from any of our neighboring settlements to give the Spaniards notice of the design.
And a flag is unfurled when, under our democracy, we participate in a healthy discourse about what the new national leader had just said, or what the outgoing administration will be leaving in its wake.
Up to today, “No Wang-Wang” remains radical because it was a policy you began in 2010 and remains standing after six years. I can still remember when almost 30% of Filipinos would live their whole lives without ever being treated by a doctor and unable to afford pharmaceutical medicines. The past neither excuses or justifies the present when wrong decisions or wrong deeds are committed, but I personally and privately judge you always in a context.
They always manage to give good reason for their deeds and with a total and unshakeable belief in themselves, they feel that they always know best and are seldom discouraged. Although they are known to thrive in the Pacific Northwest, they are worth a try anywhere that Rhododendrons grow, as the Himalayan Blue Poppy has very similar needs.
Ferry-Morse Seed Company offers gardener's over 350 varieties of flower, vegetable, and herb seed. Then those hands--and their owners, Barbra Streisand and 15-year-old look-alike and singing sensation Lauren Frost--ascend a flight of stairs that leads (sestively, at least) to destiny itself. But although hewill not receive a monetary reward, Homer knows that when his work is done, he'll leave that dusty desert town a much better place than when he found it.
We appreciate your understanding of the imperfections in the preservation process, and hope you enjoy this valuable book.
He was thrice elected speaker, remains the dominant political force in the country’s richest city, and played an instrumental role in the victorious campaign of Vice President-elect Leni Robredo. Lazada Philippines, the country’s largest online retailer, tripled its sales in a year, hitting P1.1 billion in gross revenues in 2014. The content of these devices can be saved in online repositories, making them easily recoverable if the devices are lost or damaged, and much easier to update. An e-prescription system permits patients to refill prescriptions without the need to visit the doctor, and state medical subsidies are reflected in the patient’s records accessible to the pharmacist so discounts can be given automatically.
At which point my niece, who is based in Canada, interjects: Well, there’s Trudeau here in Canada! Commodore Tyddyman, with the first division of the fleet and troops under Colonel Monson, sailed two days before us, that our watering might be more speedily completed at Malacca, where we arrived the 19th of August.
Today, more than 90% of Filipinos are covered by PhilHealth and I anticipate the next administrations can massively increase the still limited health facilities of the country. I think it will frustrate your most biased and partisan detractors to know that history has already made you the most popular president ever. Although they have a complete lack of impartiality they do have good intellectual skill and good memories.
This is light years away from that country’s humble beginnings, when less than half of Estonians even had a telephone line. We then bought up a large quantity of rattans to make gabions, a  good number of which were finished on board the several ships.
Tea made of about an ounce of seed to a pint of boiling water and taken with lemon juice and a little honey is often recommended for colds and coughs. The renowned actor is highly entertaining in his combative exchanges with Lilia Skala, playing a Mother Superior who survived Hitler and makes no bones about bullying the goodhearted, itinerant worker into doing more and more for her. Picture the Philippines in the same situation: no more long lines, no more long waiting times, and no more need to travel to some office in the city and take a leave from work to file government paperwork.
The best matches are Dragons or Rats while the worst are Tigers.The Chinese lunar year doesn't match the solar year. We are unable to offer a price adjustment on items originally purchased in a sale or on any special promotion items that are temporarily reduced in price. The film has an ambling, easygoing style with several memorable moments, not least of all is Poitier leading his holy hostesses through verses of the gospel song "Amen." Lilies is directed by the late Ralph Nelson, a pioneering director of live television who also made a number of popular feature films with notable performances (Jackie Gleason in Requiem for a Heavyweight, Cary Grant in Father Goose, Cliff Robertson in Charly) in the 1960s and 1970s. Our comforters come in many sizes, including king comforters, queen comforters, and even California King comforter sets. The necessary signals and instructions were then given for landing on the coast of Luconia (Luzon).
The Chinese New Year's Eve is usually celebrated at the end of January or in early February.
However, even though temperamental, difficult and troublesome, this is a plant worth trying. Who else but Streisand could still pull off such an audacious moment of sentimental psychodrama, the way that only a true star could?
Once an item has been purchased at a discounted sale price, no price adjustment will be offered should the item be further marked-down.
We've included everything you need to make over your bedroom such as comforter, pillow shams, and bed skirts. The Chinese horoscope isn't used for fortune telling but provides information about a person's character, talents or biases. Not only will you be rewarded by the fantastic flowers, but you will be the envy of every green-fingered friend in your neck of the woods.
Yet nestled within the autobiographical meringue of the legendary singer's Millennium's-End concert, performed at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas on December 31, 1999, that scene--and many other such self-referential moments reliving the sundry chapters of Streisand's life and career--is quite moving in its laid-bare honesty.
A fuller experience than listening to the double CD of the concert, this video record of a magical night (does anyone remember our collective Y2K anxieties that New Year's Eve?) provides the most bang for the buck when it comes to reliving all those special scenes: surprise guest appearances (Barry Gibb, Bryan Adams, Neil Diamond, and Streisand's son, Jason Gould), duets with Judy Garland and Frank Sinatra (via video footage, of course), an appearance by dance master Savion Glover as Brother Time, a humorous bit with Shirley MacLaine, and several collaborations with Frost. If Timeless: Live from the MGM Grand was indeed, as Streisand claimed, the first step of a short farewell tour that ended in early 2000, it was the perfect way to exit the stage forever.

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