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How precious will your little prince look framed in this adorable vintage baby blue chalkboard birth announcement design?
ENVELOPE IMPRINTS: Please enter your name & return address for envelopes in text box below. We will create a custom proof with all of the info you submitted within 24 -48 hours (or sooner). Since Nancy can’t have children, due to a hysterectomy she had, Thomas is having them instead. Show off your beautiful new baby with this adorable vintage-inspired boy birth announcement.

If you are looking for a woodland themed card or a rustic style baby announcements we helped you out by gathering all of our favorites all in one great post. Two years ago, transgendered, Thomas Beatie became famous for getting pregnant and giving birth.
Beatie went under the knife to change his sex, but still kept his reproductive organs and this is why he is able to get pregnant.
He could have lived his life as a lesbian and had kids, but it doesn’t make any sense since he wants to be a guy who marries a woman and has children!
Upload your photo and tell us your baby's info and we will create a proof which showcases your exquisite new bundle of joy.

Each birth announcement is expertly printed on shimmer paper and then artfully hand-mounted on high-quality 110# thick antique blue card stock. If you would like to order custom envelopes, please view the example of the matching custom envelope in the "Related Categories" section below and enter your return address in the field.

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