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Even Patrick Quinn, co-founder of the popular Life of Dad social media network for dads, was shocked by the flood of photos the site received after posting this picture of a "101-year difference" between a new baby and the family's oldest living relative. The photo inspired more than 120 readers to post their own multigenerational photos and new ones are being added every day, said Quinn.
UPDATE: Rosa Camfield, the 101-year-old woman featured in a photo holding her great-granddaughter, died on March 30, 2015, ABC News reported. Beauty of God (Nmachi) – The birth of a completely white baby girl, Nmachi, by a Nigerian couple has not stopped generating diverse reactions. When Angela Ihegboro first saw her newborn daughter, she was “speechless.” “She’s a miracle baby,” the 35-year-old mother said.
She had brought her two-week-old daughter Kaylee Rowland to meet her 101-year-old Grandma Rosa Camfield.

But the real shocker for him, he says, was that many of the photos claim an even bigger age gap than 101.
They thought of all of the things this woman has seen and lived through in her lifetime and imagined how her experiences will shape the life of the baby just starting her own journey," Quinn told The Huffington Post. Check out other beautiful images of great-grandparents with their great-grandchildren here.
Baby Nmachi is a blue-eyed, blond-haired white baby born to two black Nigerian immigrant parents at a London hospital.
To think that they grew up in entirely different worlds than what the newest members will experience, yet their influence, values and love will pass on through them and others to come is simply amazing," he said. Genetics experts don’t believe in miracles, but they didn’t have any simple answers to the mystery of baby Nmachi.

Rosa has three children, five grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren and currently lives with her oldest daughter in Chandler, AZ.
If that is the case, Nmachi would pass the gene to her children — and they, too, would likely be white.

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