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Create a simple yet stimulating baby play area using open-ended toys made from natural materials and incorporating some philosophies from Montessori and Reggio thinking. When baby Bean was newborn we put together a baby play space based on Reggio ideas of simplicity, light and real materials, and that included no plastic toys or electronic gizmos. These are pretty much the only toys that she has now, after I cleared out 4 large boxes worth of plastic, brightly coloured, electronic nonsense a few weeks back! The girls have really been enjoying playing here together in this new space and the lambskin rug has become a favourite spot for reading together.
Well done for sorting out, and getting rid of the Plastique and the Bleepy!I visited a friend yesterday whose 12-month-old was obsessed with some large paint tins they had stored in a corner of the kitchen. I recently cleared out our kitchen closet & made a kitchen playspace for my 2 year old. Can you please provide links to each toy that are in the pictures when you find a few minutes?
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Explore the rest of the site to learn more about joining Revoluza, an unstoppable online community. I sort of did things like this without even realising that this is what I had done… thanks for the post, really enjoyed looking through it. Could you post some play areas for kids that are past 18 months too, I have a 14 month old and wanting to see what would be appropriate for older kids, thanks! Now that she is sitting up, crawling and pulling up to stand already (please slow down baby girl!) her play space has moved to a safe area on the floor with a few new additions, and both she and her sisters love playing in it. Reggio philosophies talk highly of including plenty of mirrors and natural light, so we used some acrylic mirror tiles behind some toys and a large stand up mirror which can be moved and repositioned. She is very happy with these items and plays mainly with real objects anyway, hence reiterating the good common sense behind the heuristic play argument. We have plenty in our house but I wanted to start with the baby toys that really served only one function and were not promoting much thinking or curiosity. Because they were heavy with paint they were stable, irresistible due to the sturdy plastic handles, and the lids(impossible to remove)made them the perfect drum-kit. My little boy is almost 6 months old and I have been trying to decide what to buy him for Christmas and how to avoid all the plastic.

By attracting an online audience and recruiting new members into the network, you have the potential to make thousands in monthly revenue. Zeno was such a sweet boy during his newborn session and I think that the hour it took for me to will him into sleep at 6 days old left us with a pretty strong bond. It’s very simple but ever since I did it, my daughter has been playing in it constantly. I have just ordered some of the tree blocks and the rainbow stacker and hope to set up a play area for him similar to yours! We absolutely adore Playmobil, lego and duplo and of course they are all made from plastic, so the emphasis was more on the type of toy, rather than what it was made from.

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