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One impulse purchase during a shopping trip this summer created an Arizona Green Tea with Ginseng & Honey junkie out of me. You won't want to miss this inspirational post about the simple gift of a toddler to total strangers. 2) an Operation Home to Roost, Chickens for All tee shirt tee shirt, featuring Rachel & Blaze! Korean red ginseng is steamed and soft sliced with honey Korea and service in pack, each pack containing 20 grams in a small box, and has 10 boxes.

Korean fresh ginseng is steamed, dried to red ginseng, processed into thin slices, then sliced and soaked in honey (Korean red ginseng by company Chun ji for Sincheon-Ri 407-1, Namil-myeon, Geumsan-Gun, Chungnam), Korea red ginseng produce has root component accounts for 70% of the remaining 30% are Korean honey, fructose fruit sugar. Red Ginseng with honey handy, easy to use involves the heat properties of honey and cold properties ginseng can be neutral (useful for low blood pressure), fruit sweetness, aroma of ginseng and honey. Use red ginseng slices with honey to help improve health, the elderly, help prevents diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or cancer, helps blood circulation ruddy chestnut skin, repelled aging. I was drinking the stuff like a fish when it occurred to me that there had to be a knock-off recipe for it somewhere.

I found lots of them and tinkered with them until I hit upon the version that passed my side-by-side taste test.

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