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Some major concerns are cardiomyopathy and other heart problems, sub-aortic stenosis and thyroid. An active, athletic breed, Boxers need daily work or exercise, as well as a long brisk, daily walk. The Material contained herein may not be reproduced without the prior written approval of the author. Brush with a firm bristle brush, and bathe only when necessary, for it removes the natural oils from the skin. The Boxer's ancestors were two German mastiff type dogs, the Bullenbeiszer and the Barenbeiszer.
Be sure to walk your Boxer beside or behind you, keeping slack on the leash (no tension); never let him pull in front of you.
Some Boxers try and keep themselves clean, grooming themselves like a cat, although some cannot resist rolling in another animal’s poop, which calls for a bath.

A well brought-up and properly socialized Boxer will also get along with his own kind and other household pets such as cats. Early Boxers were used for dog fighting, bull baiting, cart pulling, as cattle dogs, to round up livestock and to catch and pin wild boar and bison until hunters could arrive.
If you have ever watched a Boxer go about his business you may have noticed the way he paws at his toys, food bowl and you for that matter, in a very playful cat-like way.
While participating the sport of Schutzhund, Boxers are known to jump up and use their front paws as if they are boxing. The Boxer is known for the way it uses its front legs to bat at its opponent, appearing to be boxing, most likely giving the dog its name.
May have excessive flatulence, especially when fed something other than their own dog food.
Some of the Boxer's talents are watchdog, guarding, police work, military work, search and rescue, competitive obedience, Schutzhund and performing tricks.

The AKC severely penalizes a natural tail, while most of Europe has outlawed this practice.
The short, smooth, close-fitting coat comes in fawn, brindle, tan, mahogany and black often with white markings.
If they do not take you seriously they will be sneaky, demanding, boisterous and hard to control. Any signs of dominance need to be immediately corrected by the owners in a calm, but firm, confident way.

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