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At the Ottawa Fertility Centre, we continuously analyze our own success rates to identify trends important to the care of our patients.
Almost all of the decline in the pregnancy rates among 18-19-year olds “was attributable to increased contraceptive use,” according to the report, which states that a wide body of research supports this conclusion.
As women try to consolidate their professional and financial position in life, they choose to put off motherhood. Statistics show that women under the age of 30 are delaying marriage and among this demographic, about half of all births tend to be outside marriage. Statistics show that educated women tend to invest more in professional futures and hence protect their fertility by freezing eggs and so on.
In fact it is seen that the more educated a woman is, the more likely she is to have children later in life. Most experts advise that women should try and complete their families before they turn 35, simply because there are fewer chances of complications and the pregnancy may be easier.

However, if you are among growing number of women who put of pregnancy till after 35, you should know about your risks.
You may take longer to get pregnant and the chances of suffering a miscarriage are also higher.
However older women can ensure that their pregnancy is as possible by making a preconception appointment to find out what precautions need to be taken and by getting regular prenatal care trough the pregnancy. Make sure that you eat healthy consistently and stay active to be as fit and healthy as you can be. We continuously analyze our own success rates to identify trends important to the care of our patients. These were the lowest rates since abortion was legalized, and almost 60 percent lower than in the late 1980s. Some women even choose to freeze their eggs for later use knowing that the quality of eggs can decline with age.

Chances of pregnancy complications such as high blood pressure and gestational diabetes as well as chromosomal abnormalities are also higher among older mothers. Fathers over the age of 50 can mean that there is a higher risk of certain birth defects in the baby such as learning or cognitive problems.
Also monitor how much weight you gain in pregnancy; gain the right amount of weight during pregnancy. This way, we maximize patient safety by reducing the chance of high order (triplet or more) multiple pregnancy.

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