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Although bleeding can be scary and dramatic, most cases are not fatal, provided the injury is treated immediately. Do not try to remove a piece of glass or any other object embedded in a large wound -you could do further damage to tissue or increase bleeding. If severe bleeding from an injured arm or leg cannot be stopped by raising it and applying direct pressure on the wound, it may be possible to stop it using one of the body's 2 main arterial pressure points.
High inside the thigh, the femoral vein can be pressed against the pelvis to stop blood flow.
Raise the leg above the level of the heart and maintain the pressure for up to 10 minutes to stop the bleeding. An injured person who is bleeding from the nose, mouth or ear may be suffering from a severe injury to the head, the chest or the abdominal region. An injury to the scalp may look more threatening than it actually is because the scalp has a rich supply of blood and bleeds profusely, even from small cuts. Please Note: Information provided on this site is no substitute for professional medical help.

Bleeding can usually be stopped by pressing down on the wound, which slows the flow of blood and helps it to clot. These are places where an artery can be pressed against an underlying bone to stop the flow of blood. Then, if the patient is unconscious, check the airway, breathing and circulation, and start artificial respiration if necessary.
And because the skin of the scalp is stretched tight over the head, a wound may also gape open, giving the impression of a much larger and more serious injury than might be the case.
The flow of blood can also be slowed by raising the injured area above the heart, but this is safe only if no broken bones are involved. When blood flow stops, apply a sterile dressing or a clean handkerchief or cotton pillow case.
This technique should be used only to reduce severe bleeding, only as a last resort, and only with great care.
Press firmly in the centre of the crease of the groin, one thumb above the other, pushing against the rim of the pelvis.

An injury to the lungs, such as a puncture caused by a fractured rib, may result in pink frothy blood dribbling from the mouth and nose.
If conscious, the patient should be placed in a half-sitting position with the head tilted toward the side from which the blood is coming. However, if the injury has been severe, or if the person has been unconscious, or is drowsy or vomiting, they should be examined by a doctor as soon as possible. Press down hard on the wound with a gauze swab, a handkerchief or a similar piece of material, or with bare hands. In the meantime, don't clean the wound or remove any foreign matter; as long as there are no bone fragments or a skull depression, try to control the bleeding by holding your hand or a compress, such as the inside of a clean, folded handkerchief, on the wound.
If the bleeding is severe and does not stop with elevation and application of pressure, call an ambulance.

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