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For women who have had trouble conceiving, finally getting pregnant can feel like their one shot at having kids.
Babble’s own Baby Squared, Jane Roper, mother of twins conceived with the help of fertility drugs, gave her take on selective reduction in twin pregnancies. It was, naturally, difficult not to project my feelings and experiences as a mother of twins onto the women I read about in the article. Both Jane and the NYT piece point out that few people argue with women who reduce triplet, quadruplet and more pregnancies. But it’s not the same math when a triplet or higher pregnancy is reduced to a singleton one. I’m inclined to trust the woman who has to carry the fetuses full-term, raise the kids, etc. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Molly Ringwald may be the most nostalgia-inducing star for a generation of movie-goers, but she is not one to get sentimental about things like, say, pregnancy.
Ringwald, who announced her pregnancy in December, says that the limitations of carrying twins takes getting used to.
Ringwald, 41, stopped weightlifting during her pregnancy, but has remained active, instead using yoga and walking to stay in shape. Kevin Hart, Plus Kate Upton & Justin Verlander, Plus James Corden, Holly Madison & More!
There are people who have gone to great expense and discomfort, both physical and emotional, to get pregnant and when the wound up with twins decided to go through with one and terminate the other.
There’s no national data but at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, more than half of their reductions are to singleton pregnancies, and more than half of those started as twin pregnancies.
It’s the same math when reducing a triplet pregnancy to a twin one, and a twin pregnancy to a singleton.

However, I’m not at all in favor of selectively reducing based on the sex of the fetus. Perfect even, since if one kid for a woman or couple desperate to make a family is good, then two is even better.
I found it especially difficult to understand how people who entered willingly into fertility treatments  could justify reducing a twin pregnancy.

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