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By stopping the flea life cycle and killing the fleas that are already biting your pet, you will be able to eliminate these troublesome pests from your furry friends and from your home. A simple and safe topical (surface) application is the preferred method of flea treatment for most cat and dog owners. Revolution is a liquid topical application with no unpleasant odor, that contains Selamectin and is applied monthly. Frontline Plus is a topical pet medication which is known to effectively kill 90 to 100 percent of all adult fleas on your pet within 24 hours after application. The first pet flea & tick application should be given in the spring and the second treatment can be administered by mid summer.

Other methods favored by pet owners are oral monthly tablets, bathing your pet with a dog flea shampoo or giving it a dip.
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The first step in pet care is always to get rid of fleas with a good product and preferably a brand name product that as recommended by your vet. But choosing the right product is not always as straightforward as it seems, and different medications get rid of fleas in a number of different ways. Frontline Plus is recommended by vets worldwide as an extremely effective cat or dog flea treatment. The same problems occur in dogs and using a good dog flea control product is something you, as a responsible dog owner, should be aware of.
But some pet owners will need to treat their pets more regularly, even once a  month, especially if your pet plays with other cats or dogs in the neighbourhood.

If you catch these pesky parasites early on, you may be able to stop them from taking over your home as well.
Remember that flea elimination is just as important in your home environment as on your pet. One of the more common side effects of a topical dog medication is the fact that dogs may experience some minor form of temporary skin irritation. That's why it is always a good idea to wash all dog and cat bedding in very hot water at least once a month.
And when it's dry you can vacuum the bedding a number of times to remove any remaining eggs or fleas.

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