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Acupuncture has a long and successful history in reproductive medicine and is an excellent holistic therapy to help people on their journey to parenthood, whether they are beginning to prepare, need help during pregnancy or would appreciate support with western fertility treatments such as IVF. The fertility journey may not be straightforward for some people acupuncture can help to boost male and female fertility, relieve the associated stress and anxiety and treat any underlying conditions.
Women suffering with irregular cycles, hormonal imbalances and conditions such as polycystic ovaries and endemetriosis can benefit from having acupuncture.
Acupuncture helps create a five star hotel for a baby to grow in by working alongside fertility treatments, such as IUI, IVF and ICSI, as well as supporting the couple emotionally along the way.
We have Fertility Acupuncturists in our centres in Nottingham, Derby and Repton as well as having a network of approved practitioners across the East Midlands so please get in touch and let us help you find the right practitioner, location and appointment times for you. If you are interested in how Aupuncture can be used to support you and help with the success of IVF then you can see Bridge Centre Owner and Fertility Acupuncturist Katy Henry speaking at the Open Evenings held by Nurture Fertility in Nottingham and the information on those events can be accessed here.

We understand that people’s lives are busy and complex and that things happen which are out of your control. My husband and I had been trying for a baby for three years and were on the waiting list for IUI treatment when a friend asked if we had considered acupuncture and told us about The Bridge Centre for Natural Health. Our practitioners are trained to advise you on the best treatments suitable for your needs.
As indicated on Fertility Enhancing Points used in Traditional Chinese Medicine page, traditionally trained acupuncturists use different acupuncture points depending on each patient’s exhibiting symptoms and constitutional patterns.
In terms of treatment frequency and duration, a Japanese clinical acupuncture protocol typically involves series of regularly scheduled treatments.  In particular to acupuncture for IVF patients, an acupuncture protocol used at advanced IVF medical center in Nagoya, Japan involves 2 treatments per week, minimum of 21 treatments before IVF procedure [1], which is quite a bit more treatments than the one used in most IVF research studies that involve only 2 treatments at the time of embryo transfer.
Having a phobia of needles didn't help, but on the first appointment acupuncture was fully explained and the worry of needles was quickly put to one side.

In addition, many Japanese acupuncturists further modify their treatment based on acupoint reaction at the time of needling, instead of simply inserting the needles at the pre-prescribed sets of acupoints.  Since the treatment is highly individualized, selections of acupoints are very wide and vary greatly between practitioner to practitioner, patient to patient, and treatment to treatment. The centre itself has a very quiet and relaxing atmosphere and all the staff are extremely friendly.
The acupuncture was a complete success, and we now have an adorable 5 month old baby boy to show for it.

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