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Track your baby's development on your iPhone and iPad and keep important pregnancy details at your fingertips. Learn more about what's happening with your pregnancy this week including your baby's latest fetal development milestones, your changing body, and tips to help you along the way. Be prepared to share your detailed information with everyone: your medical history with your doctor, your 1 AM pickle cravings with your partner, and your contractions with your prenatal provider.
Now that you know you're expecting, you'll need to make a few health and lifestyle changes.

When Byron and Daria Brown learned they were expecting their second child, they decided their 1-year-old daughter Alexandria would be the best person to make the big announcement.
Wearing the most perfectly festive headband, the toddler poses with a chalkboard checklist in the pregnancy announcement photo. Dad Byron told The Huffington Post in an email that he and his wife "were looking to do something fun" for the announcement and came up with the idea after browsing through options online. While Alexandria isn't quite old enough to understand what's going on, the dad said he is "sure she will be excited" when her baby brother is born.

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