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If I had 6 months left to live, Id Make the most of life, family and friends, Go out all night, keep up with the trends, I know im going to die, So why not make it fun?
Occupation: “This isn't about going back, it's about life being ahead of you and you Hobbies: run at it! At her 6 month check up, Jada weighed in at 18 lbs (79th percentile) and was 27.25 inches long (91st percentile).
By the way, we really like this baby monitor with night vision, and at $99 it was one of the most reasonable ones as well. Bath time continues to be a fun time for her, especially now that she can sit up and splash that water. Lately, I have been spreading out a blanket on the floor and placing toys at the edges so she has to work on moving towards them.
Sturdy books with interactive features 5 Little Ducklings are favorites for her, and they can survive all her grabbing!

This post contains Affiliate Links, which means if you purchase something through these links, Blonde Ponytail gets a small percentage of your purchase at no extra cost to you. I kind of wish we had gotten a video camera, however, I would be too obsessed with staring at it!
Your girl is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen (Besides my own gorgeous girl ?? ) I really hope you enjoy scrapbooking, or can get into it because you have some gorgeous shots of Jada. Also, the medical definition of sleeping through the night is 5 or more hours, so I think with one wake up you’re doing pretty good. I just have it taped (with masking tape so it hopefully won’t mess up the wood on the crib) to the side of the crib at the moment. I'm Jess, a personal trainer, CSCS, & former Stanford athlete balancing life as a coach's wife & mom of 2. Be faithful, be sincere, and earn the pleasure of Allah, and surely, Heaven will be your Final Abode.

The morning naps are about 30 mins and done mostly in the YMCA child care area or with my parents, then at 2 p.m.
I know I’ve said it before but the baby-puppy love going on in your photos just kills me – the most adorable thing ever!
Speaking from experience, we just got our kiddo to do that and it only took just shy of 18 months…. I also think if I am the one to check on her or try to put her pacifier back in her mouth, she still expects to eat. Gotta give it ma best shot, To try out some of that dope, I was living a sheltered life, Always full of hope Now I have my chance, To take this glory and 'respect', Before I die im gonna earn maself a name I'll be full of fame, In 6 months when I die.

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