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A 42-year-old Florida woman was arrested on Monday for allegedly sleeping with 13- and 17-year-olds while other teenagers watched, police said.Jeanine Shimandle abused the two underage boys on March 11 while she was house-sitting in Sarasota, US, according to the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office.
Attention all "women of a certain age" - Esquire magazine has decided that you're still sexy, as long as that "certain age" falls below 42. A few generations ago, a woman turning 42 was expected to voluntarily accept the shackles of biology and convention; now it seems there is no one in our society quite so determined to be free. Other commentators have pointed out that this article is less about the older women themselves and more about congratulating men on their attraction to them."It's very nice and all that writers are catching on that women of all ages can be sexy, but framing that as an amazing new discovery makes it more about men than it is about us (which feels about par for the course)," writes Jessica Valenti for the Guardian.
Two female teens and another male teenager listened to and, at times, watched the acts take place, the news release said.

In an illuminating article, Esquire writer Tom Junod pronounces 42 as the most alluring age of 2014. Critics say this new appeal may not necessarily derive from feminism's success, but in spite of it.
Shimandle also bought the teenagers a couple of bottles of vodka.According to WFLA, Shimandle smoked marijuana with some of the teens. It's going to change my life forever," Tom Shimandle said.Shimandle faces four counts of lewd and lascivious exhibition as well as two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, according to the press release issued on Monday. There are also allegations that she threatened anyone who said anything about what had happened.

If she were single, "well, then God help her," prays Junod.But now that we've reached the modern era, Junod says it's time to rethink the relationship between age and sexual appeal. Because of science, he says."In a society in which the median age keeps advancing, we have no choice but to keep redefining youth," he writes.

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