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She and Mr Ali, who ran his ownmobile phone business, conductedtheir affair in A?135-a-night rooms at afour-star hotel to keep it secret fromtheir families.By last year she was besotted withhim, saying she wanted to marry himand have children together. French police have reportedly had to use tear gas on English fans in the southern city of Marseille after violent clashes broke out after supporters started singing: 'ISIS, where are you?'. Haunted and unshaven, Sir Philip Green cuts a sorry figure as the crisis around the collapse of BHS deepened last night. ALEX BRUMMER: Rarely has there been a more depressing insight into modern-day capitalism than in the Grimond Room at Westminster where a crew of businessmen fought like rats in a sack.
Nearly two million migrants from the European Union have settled in Britain in just ten years, it emerged yesterday. The fittest 40 per cent in middle-age were 37 per cent less likely than the least fit to suffer a stroke in old age, says a new study by scientists from the University of Texas. Stress is a response to what appears to be a threat in a situation, while anxiety is a reaction to this. The Duchess wore a royal blue Nansen gown from the designer's 2016 collection for the dinner which will mark the British charity's 40th anniversary.
In 27 per cent of cases they provide 'poor quality' information, and 56 per cent of investigations are 'inadequate', according to a report by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. Blogger and mum, Amanda Voisey, from the Gold Coast, has some great ways to save money at the supermarket.
Vicky Balch, 20, who had her right leg amputated after being injured in the Smiler crash, claims she was denied disability help at Euston Station in London from Virgin Trains staff.
Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, chief of police in London, said people should give their 'best shot' if they see someone in distress and feel able to intervene, saying 'you should never turn your back'.

The former London Mayor was condemned by Remain supporters for claiming the government could have up to A?350million a week to spend on the NHS in the ITV referendum debate. Boris Johnson took a political risk last night when he stepped into a live arena with five women.
Britain is exporting a record amount to countries outside the crisis-hit EU, it was revealed yesterday.
The extraordinary claim came in an assessment of the consequences of leaving the EU that was carried out by academics at the LSE. Brexit campaigners have accused the Government of trying to 'rig the referendum' by extending the deadline for 48 hours, despite the website being down for just 90 minutes on Tuesday night. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn took questions from students and visited a Sikh temple with his deputy Tom Watson as they campaigned for an EU referendum Remain vote in the West Midlands.
The former premiers also issued a warning about Brexit undermining the peace process in Northern Ireland - but they were condemned by Northern Ireland Secretary Theresa Villiers for reckless.
Cabinet office minister Oliver Letwin told MPs today that the number of EU nationals sent polling cards was higher than the 3,462 figure admitted by the elections watchdog last week. He told her they could never marry becausehis parents would never accept a Sikhdaughter-in-law.Sanghera, however, was convincedher future lay with him, and talked ofconverting to Islam.
Trouble flared outside an Irish pub in the Old Port of the southern city just before midnight on Thursday, apparently between English fans drinking there and locals.
As MPs called for the tycoon to be stripped of his knighthood, damning evidence emerged of how he failed to tell regulators about the true scale of the doomed company's pensions black hole.
There has been mounting speculation that Mr Corbyn could face a leadership challenge if the looming referendum delivers a Brexit vote.

Officers used tear gas to try and break up the brawl, and riot police with shields arrived to separate the two groups.
Sir Philip, pictured here at his London offices this week in his first appearance in the country for six weeks, obfuscated and dodged questions about the liabilities when he sold BHS to a former bankrupt last year, according to documents released by MPs. She showcased her slim figure in a dazzling cut-out shoulder dress in royal blue with a cinched-in waist, leaving her shoulder-length chestnut hair in loose waves. But Energy Secretary Amber Rudd, a fellow Tory, dismissed the figure as 'fantasy' and accused him of being motivated by his ambition to become PM. The veteran left-winger moved to head off growing criticism that his pro-EU campaigning has been half-hearted yesterday, signing up for a town hall style event to be broadcast on Sky News.
Scottish First minister Nicola Sturgeon said he was guilty of a 'whopper' while Labour's Angela Eagle said it was a 'staggering' untruth. Sanghera thencalmly spoke to Mr Ali on the phonebefore returning home, leaving his sisterto discover the horrific scene.Sanghera admitted visiting Sana butclaimed she had left her alive and well,and at her trial the defence suggested MrAli had killed her. England supporters were pictured on Thursday getting their month-long tournament underway with a hearty day's drinking in the summer sun. She looked shocked asshe was found guilty of murder at ManchesterCrown Court, struggling to keepher composure and fighting back tears asthe sentence was announced.In a statement to court, Sana's husbanda€“ whose behaviour was branded "weak-willedand reprehensible" at the trial a€“said he felt "indescribable" emptinesssince her death.

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