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If your menstrual cycle is usually regular then it is very likely that your cycle will now stop. Your worries and fearsIf you have a positive pregnancy test you may now experience a whole range of emotions. Just click the "Post message" link if you have written the contents and agree with the guidelines. Register now for a free pregnancy update and receive a weekly email with information relevant to the week of your pregnancy; the things that are worth knowing about your developing child, the delivery, breastfeeding and other useful information. My weight gainGaining weight when you are pregnant is perfectly natural, it is even recommended for the health of your baby.
I really didn’t think I was going to get to write this update or get to use this photo I took just in case.
So after this doctor’s appointment I am officially done watching for signs and concentrating on doing all the safe things that help the labor move along as well as enjoy last week of pregnancy.
Stretchmarks: None so far, but the longer Lexi decides to stay inside, the more likely I am to get some. That being said, I love my OB and I trust him to have my interests in mind, he is really great.
When I told him about my concerns when it comes to inductions (the usual ones: increased risk c section, fetal distress, likelihood of need for epidural, stronger than normal contractions), he assured me that when Pitocin is administered correctly, in the right dosage individually for every woman and adjusted correctly, it should not differ from what your natural labor should be like.
There’s no other reasons for induction for me, like medical problems or baby weight ( she measured 7lb 8 oz last week). The evening I realized I was having close time-able contractions- the thought that it might be labor is just so amazing. You realize that when you leave the hospital you won’t automatically be a size 0, right? And you do realize that this is maternity dress and it fits me comfortably at 40 weeks pregnant, so it will fit me after I have a baby?
One thing is the whole bleeding and mesh panties ordeal but another thing is telling me that by picking a maternity dress to wear I somehow think I’ll be a size 0. There were things your said or did that I didn’t agree with or weren’t right for me in my life but thats what is so great about it, we are all different!! I wish you a wonderful birth day and I look forward to following you after ya’lls baby arrives. If you do have an induction and things seem not to go very fast for you my number 1 suggestion is to take a shower! I think you will do great, you are probably the single most prepared person I know of in semi real life for birth itself. There’s really no reason to be induced for me except that the doc would rather deliver a healthy baby than lose one cuz we waited too long.
We are walking and doing all natural things to kick start labor but I’d like to look into pressure points. Belly button in or out? As you can see in the picture above, it's still a very weird little in-between belly button!! Meghan Leatherman says that regular exercise made her pregnancy a breeze and she hopes to be a role model for other moms. Same as above for most days, but this week we also made a trip down to Mobile, AL to visit more family so I took two days completely off.  It was lovely! This week I worked out at the gym three days in a row over memorial day weekend.  Other than that, we walked to and from the post office quite a bit for mini me papers (a good thing because that means lots of orders!), but we have yet to head to the YMCA since before we left for Atlanta.  Need to give that a shot next week! Enter your email address to subscribe to 7x7xMommy and receive notifications of new posts by email.

I always thought that by 40 weeks I’d be soooo miserable I’d want the baby out! Obviously, anyone would like to avoid an induction, but it’s the kind of thing that just hangs over you once you hit your due date without a baby in your arms. However, I do know he has a certain bias toward the way things are done, so I make sure I research and read myself, but then also listen to what he says and his experience and knowledge. We also know exactly when we conceived, so her gestational age is spot on, she wouldn’t be born too soon. I will most definitely post something on my Facebook page and that’s also probably how I am going to be updating you all in the first day or so. Being right behind you in pregnancy it really helped me to see what could be up for me just around the corner. Here’s to hoping our little ones make it safe into the world BEFORE induction or any other interventions, BUT if it must be then lets just hope they are healthy and happy because in the end thats the most important thing. My husband and I use what we feel will work the best for our family at this time in our lives. I just wanted to share that the old wives tale of eating Chinese food did it for me (or so I like to say).
I miss the excitement and anticipation of this part of the pregnancy :) Good luck with everything! While I felt like death and could barely even get the energy to squeeze into yoga pants, I’ve seen friends who went straight to photo-shoots!
I had a perfectly healthy pregnancy and yet we went past 41 weeks and had to go in for our induction. I had a similar outlook as you on inductions and I also very much wanted to experience labor and delivery, in and of itself. I tend to agree since you never know what might happen and I don’t feel the womb is a very safe place to begin with.
Travis was with us in Atlanta for our final week so we simply enjoyed family, food, and relaxation (makes me look forward to our next trip out there)!!! It’s funny because during all the updates throughout pregnancy I have considered not sharing my weight gain or my thoughts and feelings on it.
I do want Alexis out because I’m anxious to meet her and start that chapter of our lives, but not because I AM DYING to be done.
In the meantime, we’re doing anything and everything safe and sane to help Alexis come out before then.
I will attempt to still use hypnosis with it (though I feel I am less likely to succeed, which is the attitude I have to work on in the coming week) and not go with an epidural.
I got induced with my daughter and, while the experience wasn’t as bad as I expected, I still wish I would have waited for her to decide when to come.
You have been such an amazing inspiration to me and its been a pleasure to read about your journey these whole 40 weeks. We purchased two of the books you reccomended and plan on purchasing a few of the other items (such as the radiation protective blanket). However, my sister had two successful inductions (taking less than 24 hours on pitocin) completely without an epidural both times. As scared as I was about the induction I was much more determined to do it without an epidural. So my nurse grabbed my doc and got the ok to take me off everything and give my body an hour to just regulate itself and do the work with the drugs that were already in there and BAM i opened right up and abby was born pretty quick after that. I most likely would have ended up with a csection in the end, and that’s fine, but I wish I had been more focused and tried much harder as I think I would have been better off emotionally.

The fact that I’m feeling better than I have ever felt during this pregnancy, despite a full term baby inside of me is contributing to this ( and astounds me at the same time). It’s a touchy subject for many women, and oh my, how much speculation it has brought. What he says makes sense to me and I have to trust him as a medical professional that I chose for a reason ( I had interviewed quite a few OBs in the area, before finding him).
I feel that she will come out before 41 weeks and if not, a proper induction isn’t the worst thing that can happen.
Thinking back at that, I don’t know that either one of those cases would have really told us that, but we were curious if the Monday contractions dilated me and how much.
Thought I'd gotten away with it when there was no sign of them during my pregnancy, that palmers cream is great tho!
The neural tube which develops into the brain and spinal cord is being formed along with the nervous system, the vertebra, muscles and bones.
Then the contractions came in, close together and at regular intervals and I was confident real labor would follow within 1-2 days. So my impatience is coming solely from that Monday when I felt the first contractions really close together for hours and was sure that was it. So I’ve considered doing what most other preggo bloggers do and just skip the weight section.
The answer was as disappointing as I would expect it to be- right down the middle- 1 cm dilated and 40% effaced- so it basically told us NOTHING.
Well, the ob (was transfered from a midwife, he was an amazing man, we were very lucky) broke my water at 9am and nothing, started pitocen at 3pm and we went to a full strength dose over 9 hours (unmedicated). But every time I think that, I also realize that it would defeat the whole purpose of trying to keep a record of this pregnancy and more importantly share it with other women who might be pregnant now or in the future.
I am ready to be done with pregnancy in general but only because it’s been just too freaking long!
And I will take this time to relax and enjoy the few days that I have left with actual free time on my hands. I’ve always tried to be as honest and upfront about this experience as possible, including my thoughts and feelings, my expectations and my realities, regardless of what kind of reactions they might bring on. I felt a bit different on Friday and had what I thought were some contractions that night but just went to bed.
I will be honest, I was irrationally upset and felt like a failure (I kept this to myself) and I am 100% sure it kick started 10 months of post partum depression.
In the end, I know  what I will appreciate is reading back about every detail of the pregnancy as well as share it with other girls going through the same stages. My favorite pregnant bloggers really tell it how it is, not just 1 word answers and numbers on a questionnaire. I also know that these efforts to stay honest regardless of how ulgy or uncomfortable it is are appreciated by many readers who are pregnant or trying to conceive. I get so many emails daily thanking me for the information or asking questions and I am sorry I can’t promptly answer them ( though I always do after some time), but do know that I appreciate them all. Turns out it was actually a vein lol but I have a few small ones from puberty so I'm sure they will come!

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