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God worked through so many faithful people during this campaign and that work goes on far beyond Day 40. As the Vacaville team was planning this 40 Days for Life campaign, they spotted a sign in front of the office building at 600 Nut Tree Road – that’s where Planned Parenthood is located. To make a long story short, the pregnancy center’s board of directors signed a lease, and will move into 600 Nut Tree Road – yes, the same building that Planned Parenthood is in.

That’s 546 individual human beings … and their moms … and their dads … and grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins. We close with a beautiful witness to what God can do, which should inspire us to consider one question: Could this happen in your town? At times, they became discouraged, and wondered, “Is this really working?” And, being human, they wondered if God was listening.

It would be a blessing, they thought, if assistance could be much closer to Planned Parenthood – and in fact, under the very same roof!

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