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I am currently 9w5d and my stomach is bigger but It doesn't feel like baby, it feels more like fat. Rigid, contrarian behavior shows that your child is beginning to understand a huge concept: She's a separate person from you.
When 15-month-olds bite, it's usually because they lack the language skills to express themselves. This internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only.
By this time the ovulation and fertilization of the ovum has either taken place or is going to happen soon enough. This is the time when the one lucky sperm among the approximately 250 millions manage to fertilize the egg in the fallopian tube. But there are many changes taking place within your body to felicitate the proper development of your baby. At this stage you will go through the ovulation, fertilization, germinal period and implantation stage of your pregnancy.
SponsoredIn the 3rd week of pregnancy, unknown to you, your uterus is enthusiastically getting ready for the baby. After the process of oogenesis, the matured ovum finally raptures itself away from the ovary. As the ovum is helpless motionless being, it is swept into the fallopian tube by the fimbria which is a fringe of tissue covering the end of fallopian tubes. It is amazing that just one fimbria known as fimbria ovarica reaches up to the ovary which is very crucial in carrying the egg cell to the fallopian tube.
If this one thin line of thread fails in performing its duty, you will not be able to conceive.On the other hand, the uterus is getting ready to nourish and protect the fertilized egg. The endometrium, also known commonly as the uterine wall, thickens to felicitate the embedding of embryo in it. The whole process is accompanied by a great surge in the FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) and LH (luteinizing hormone) which is released from the pituitary gland.What’s even more amazing is the fact that even if you don’t notice, this happens in your body every month, whether you are trying or not to conceive.

The ampulla, which is the widest region of your fallopian tube, is where the union of your ovum and sperm of your partner takes place.From the cellular point of view, the fertilization of ovum by the sperm could be a very chaotic occurrence that takes place inside your body. The ovum with a life span of just 24 hours waits motionless in the ampulla for the sperm to arrive.When the ejaculation takes place, millions of sperm travel through the vagina to reach the fallopian tube. Among them, a lucky few reach the egg in the fallopian tube and surround it with hope of getting a chance at life. This moment will determine whether they will be born as a loving baby or die as a single cell.The egg which is waiting for fertilization doesn’t make the process any easy for the sperm.
The fiercely competing sperms try to break in head first by releasing an enzyme from their acrosomes.The enzyme will then eventually break the egg membrane, and only one sperm succeeds and penetrates the cell membrane, though there will be others vying for this honor.
It is only after nearly 30 hours of the fertilization, the zygote first divides through mitosis to become a double celled organism.
Further, both the cells divide change into four celled organism and process continues with further divisions.
The process of division and multiplication continues rapidly throughout the germinal period. This process will finally lead to the development of the baby in your womb which initially was just a single celled organism.For about 72 hours the zygote reproduces itself rapidly to reach a multi-cellular stage. Without movement of its own it is pushed by the hair-like structures known as cilia which line the fallopian tube.The zygote takes nearly a day to travel from the fallopian tube to the uterus, but it does not implant inside the uterus yet.
At this stage, your baby has a 40% chance of developing into an embryo, since nearly 60% of the conceptions fail when the zygote does not succeed in implanting itself properly in the uterus. You will not know about this at all, since it will be followed by another menstrual period like usual.Sometimes the fertilized egg gets stuck in the fallopian tube and does not reach the uterus.
This will result in a life threatening condition for the woman known as ectopic or tubal pregnancy.By the end of the 3rd week or approximately 5-6 days of fertilization, the blastocyst firmly implants in the thickened walls of your uterus.
Finally the hazardous journey has come to an end and your baby is safe in the comfort zone of cushioned womb. Though all these procedure takes place even without you knowing you are pregnant, without any overt signs or symptoms; you should know that this is very crucial period in the life of your baby.

With the secretion of hCG, the corpus luteum remains intact and produces high levels of progesterone and estrogen. Corpus luteum plays a important role in the beginning and last stages of pregnancy.There is rise in the production of progesterone which is very important for the safe progress of your pregnancy. In case there is no pregnancy, this would be the time when the levels of progesterone will start to decline which will cause the endometrium to degenerate and flush out as menstruation.The hormone progesterone is responsible for the growth and development of your baby in the uterus. Watch out for implantation symptoms in the 3rd week of pregnancy, but do not allow your hopes and expectations to run wild, as they are very similar to the symptoms of PMS.Disappointment can lead to worry, anxiety and stress which is going to affect your fertility.
Your baby just reached the first ever milestone of her development.There are two more weeks left before the zygote (your baby) will be referred to as an embryo, but the zygote has the entire required DNA derived from both partners. As the sperm and ovum each contain 23 chromosomes, the resulting diploid cell contains a total of 46 chromosomes.That is all the genetic information required by the cells which will help in development of the new individual. Most of the baby’s characteristics are already determined and it is only time before they are fully evolved.
Technically, this is the first step in the life of your baby.The two cells further divide to reach the stage of 4-cells and by the end of day 3, the baby would have reached 16-cell stage. Along with the nutrients, everything you experience physically, mentally and emotionally enters your womb.Anything and everything that you do during the 38 weeks after conception will play a huge part in the physical, intellectual, neurological and emotional development of the baby.
Do not forget that these effects are going to be permanent.If you do the right things, you will feel proud watching the strong and healthy baby grow into a healthy adult. Good luck with your pregnancy! Hope you got a clear idea of 3 weeks pregnancy symptoms and what are the body changes you undergo. Do let us know more about your experiences in the comments section below! We are a place to stop for a while and hang out with likeminded people, a place to learn and to teach.

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