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I ordered some more swaddle blankets too, love this brand and loved the star print I found on nordstrom!
I did do weights last week twice with my typical cardio days thrown in, but this week so far I have just been doing cardio with some squats and lunges thrown in too!
Anyone else get really anxious the last couple weeks just wondering when and how labor would go down?! I guess I just need to get over it because she’s gotta come outta there somehow haha!
Enjoy the last few moments as a family of three, but I bet you all are too excited for the arrival of baby G! As wonderful a job as you have done with this pregnancy by respecting your body, eating well and staying active, I wouldn’t be surprised if Baby G never wants to come out! It’s obviously my body’s way of making sure I end on a good note and want to carry on procreating! I know I will get through it some how but it’s so hard not to start thinking about it all this close to the end. I have been eating loads – and unfortunately I cracked and have been eating a bit of sugar again, although no-where near as much as I was.
All of my clothes are getting too tight and I haven’t weighed myself for a while but am pretty sure I am starting to store a fair bit of weight. I haven’t been sleeping too badly considering and have only been waking up once to go for a wee. Cherry┬áis getting excited and I think the three of us have decided on a name, unless we change our minds again.

I felt fantastic in my last week or so, until the very last day, and then I’d have happily murdered anyone who crossed me. Of course I will only be able to go so many days past my due date next week since my doctor doesn’t like it to go too far, I am just enjoying these last few days! Not sure, but someone did ask if I was sure I wasn’t having twins the other day, lol!
I can’t say I am looking forward to labor, haha, but after labor when that baby boy is in my arms, YES!
I am however a professional wine drinker ; ) Affiliate Links and Sponsored posts may pop up on HDL.
He came on his own I was told by my midwife that 41w1d is the average for first time moms!
I can’t wait to see the first Instagram photo of baby G (because I know your phone will be in the room with you!!).
Cannot wait to hear that your little rock star has arrived and any day now that news will be coming. My feelings about the birth seem to change each day, some days I feel really raring to go and others I feel a bit freaked out, I have said it before but I just hate all the not knowing that comes with it. Heartburn is probably my worst complaint but it does come and go, today it’s not a problem. I am completely addicted to cereal, especially cornflakes, I can’t just eat one bowl and end up eating 2-3 in a sitting! None of my pyjama bottoms fit me anymore so I have to wear these little Summer pyjama hotpants with a top that barely covers my tummy, luckily the fact I am always boiling makes this less of a problem – until we have visitors.

So embrace the happy and watch out for that day when you suddenly feel rage-y, that was the indicator with both of mine.
Anthony is so excited too and wonders every day if today is the day he will meet his baby brother!
Mike is beyond words excited, it will be a moment that will be so emotional for him, as it will for me.
I ended up getting induced at 38 weeks because of preeclampsia, but I always wonder when he would’ve come if he came on his own! So far the list consists of a pink car, a pink camera, a drum set, a pink guitar, a pink trampoline, a swing for her and a swing for Noddy.
I tried explaining that one to my husband and he can’t understand why it would make me nervous to see that room.
Of course it is all worth it but I’m making the most of the last bit of me time I will have for a while! But just seeing the bed I’ll be in and the area where baby will be getting cleaned and checked… ahhhh it scared the crap out of me! I am so pumped to bring her home from the hospital and all of the challenges that go with it – but the entire ordeal IN the hospital makes my heart rate jump. But I guess in the end it is whatever is best for mama and baby – I can’t complain!

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