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Their sophomore album, Oh July, will be out soon, but their fantastic debut LP, Devil’s Winter, has been out for some time now.
Lisa Gerrard, Australian by way of Ireland, conceived of her band Dead Can Dance with English songwriter Brendan Perry back in 1981. The winterland creatures are abuzz as an elusive ice skater cuts triple axels upon their enchanted pond. We found her in a box, in our bedroom, about three seconds away from entire residential destruction by way of the Little Lamb Enchantment. Similar to his Found Songs LP from 2009, Olafur Arnalds has released Living Room Songs, a project recorded over the course of one week from the bedroom of his Reykjavik apartment, and released for free as each song was finished.
In keeping with my farm animal theme yet again, here is a cool thesis animation from Nikolas Ilic, who recently graduated from Sheridan College in Canada. Keeping my pig theme going, here’s a radical stop-motion short film set to Willie Nelson covering Coldplay. I was intrigued with the concept on a number of levels, so decided to give a listen to the meaning behind the project. One one hand, he has an easy out as an artist to say he is simply observing and presenting his emotional reaction to a realism he has no control over. To the delight of many a fan, Game of Thrones returns to HBO in the Spring of 2012 for its second season (where winter will still be coming to Westeros).
I will keep a running tally on the current state of casting here for all to enjoy, updating as frequently as the news comes in (or as close as I can get).
Almost one year to the day that sweet Baby Joshua, who had been struggling with a congenital heart defect, lost his life to post-circumcision blood loss and heart failure, another little one clings to life in a horrifyingly similar experience.
No medical or health organization in the world recommends routine infant circumcision - including the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). Babies should never be circumcised without full pain relief (anesthesia just as we'd give an adult undergoing genital cutting, reduction or amputation surgery). No baby already facing pre-existing medical concerns or health compromises of any nature should be circumcised.

What follows is one authors' write-up of Baby Chance's story for the Herald Citizen, a Cooksville, TN newspaper in the same city Chance was born. One-year-old Chance Bond's bright, curious eyes and smile light up a room and give no indication that he struggles with a very serious health condition. The left side of his heart wasn't large enough to function on it's own requiring, to date, two open heart surgeries and a regimen of medications to make his heart pump stronger keep his blood pressure and heart rate in check. According to Bond, laws that will require pulse oximetry screening of all newborns have passed the Tennessee Senate. In Belgium the product is sold under the name "Rilatine" and in Brazil and Portugal as "Ritalina".
They write sincere songs about John Wilkes Booth, cotton gins, sons of sharecroppers, Stonewall Jackson, and Confederate clarions, all with a passionate immediacy that conjures Colin Meloy at his best. While there is great sadness inside of me as they cover these songs, there is also a deep sense of pride and joy that something so simple as making sounds with your throat can sound so angelic. I do recommend sticking with each song all the way through, as they go through many movements of varying intensity and splendor. I discovered you in 2000, and shortly after listening to Ghost Tropic, I knew I had found a kindred, damaged soul from the cold shores of the Great Lakes. I do not pretend to know the struggles you had suffered in life, but in many ways, you channeled that grief directly through your music, and it resonates in that black pit which lives inside each of us. But her raspy range can soar, especially when accompanied by the seductive arrangements of her backing band.
After a life break, she is back with a new album and proof that the greatest gifts age well with time. But upon the icy shores of Lake Superior was borne the chilling falsetto of Mimi Parker, one half of the two-headed mastermind that is known as Low. She has amassed an outstanding catalog of solo and collaborative work as well, and chances are that you’ve heard her music in some of your favorite films (Heat, Black Hawk Down, The Insider, The Passion of the Christ, Man on Fire, to name a few). Her falsetto is unique unto itself and brimming with a magical trill that sends shivers up your spine.

Editorially he gets to present the life cycle of a food product typically very distant from its consumers. Even if his money is going to charity (not sure whether it is), having an EP of Micachu remixes crop up as a PR strategy suddenly turns an austere, introspective set of field recordings into a flavor of the month musical romp through the inevitable pipeline of hipsterdom. We have some returning cast members, some dearly departed characters who sadly will not, and more importantly we get to meet some all new characters (and the actors they will play). I have watched you play tiny venues in Chicago, exchanged head nods with you near the side exit, and listened in awe to your words on stage, in my car, in my bedroom, on my computer, in the shower, and in my head. Over and again. In a world where we objectify and make a mockery of artists like Amy Winehouse, it is easy to forget the dangers of substance abuse in our fast times. Legrand continues to put out albums and songs that showcase her beautiful, hoarse, angelic voice, and we continue to enjoy them.
Check out this clip if you would like to hear what it sounds like to actually freeze the sun. Her work with Cocteau Twins has produced some of the most mesmerizing and distinctive music ever made.
It is their body, their penis, and it should be their choice whether or not to have part of their normal, functioning penis cut off! There is not a more prolific musician of quality writing who has performed over the past fifteen years. The AAP added hepb to the schedule YEARS ago but only last year began talking about adding a 5 minute screen to the neonatal procedures.

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