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What an incredible accomplishment, making two babies! I would have been so scared to go through what you did. My doc told me to head over to the PET unit at the hospital which is basically the ER for pregnant women.
I stupidly decided to paint in the nursery right when my back was feeling better and managed to take my recovery back a couple days.
My name is Amy and I am a 30-something-year-old living in New Jersey with my husband, Nate, and the newest addition to our family, baby Berkeley!
Above collage is a sampling of what I took.My identical boys were born via scheduled c-section at 39 weeks and 1 day. I'd be proud to know I was holding two babies and to feel them growing healthy and strong inside. Download Your Survival Guide Here Practical advice and strategies to make the early years with twins more fun. I woke up one morning with it hurting and by the next morning I literally couldn’t move.

Nate thought I should add a little heart with his and my initials in another tree, which I think would be super cute!
At the last appointment his head was measuring large (thanks a lot, Nate!) but his body was right on track.
I seem to fall asleep easily but then wake up throughout the night to shift positions (very difficult now!) or pee. I finished painting the trees on the nursery wall as you can see evidenced in my belly pic from this week. Pregnancy was uncomfortable enough, I can’t imagine throwing my back out while 30 weeks pregnant! The epidural was my absolute favorite thing ever, I labored while doing crosswords and watching Law & Order and have zero regrets! I think i had two ER trips (that resulted in everything being fine, obviously) and it sucked both times to rest up. Your nursery painting is wonderful…love the idea of the initials carved in one of the trunks.

My coworkers who is pregnant has been having crazy dreams also…it’s always so fun to hear what they are about!
If they spent 11 more weeks getting heavier and stretching my belly from large to huge to duplex-sized, I'd say "way to grow, babies.
I skipped the epi the second time around but I’m pretty sure they put screaming gas in that laughing gas tank!! What were those twins planning, to bring in some furniture? Anyway, great job carrying them so well and congratulations on your sons!

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