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Contractions: Just like last week, my contractions have become increasingly more frequent and intense. Cramping: I wasn’t sure if I should include this into contractions or not because I’ve been cramping continuously (mainly today) even when I’m not contracting. Babies Dropped: I was actually arguing (like yelling – not my finest moment) at my sister and mom last week (on our way out of church of all places… haha I’m horrible) telling them that there is NO WAY I could drop because the girls are so low already. Exercise: Someone pointed out last week that I “laughed” at this question, but in reality I was on my feet all day long teaching kids while carrying an extra 30+ pounds. I’m interested to see if these two decide to make their appearance any time this week or not.
It’s mostly confined to my feet and legs, but my hands are starting to become swollen as well. I want to say that I was a little better this past week in the moody department, but I can’t be too sure.
I am convinced they will be August babies, but my mother in law is certain they’ll be September babies. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.

I had a request to put up an occasional “still pregnant” post just so some don’t feel the necessity of checking my site all the live long day.
It’s all fluid, but with some of my other symptoms lately (see below) it could be cause for concern. It used to be just bad when I was on my feet a lot, but it doesn’t seem to go down even when I’m resting these days.
It will get checked again at my appointment this evening, but it makes me nervous that it could be the beginnings of pre-eclampsia (because of the swelling as well). I would wake up with intense contractions almost every night (that went away of course ?? ) Last night was such a good night’s sleep though. I feel like now that the girls have dropped and are still growing exponentially, I might be in for it these next few weeks! I definitely put on a happy face at school, but the week really wore on me by the end of it. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). I went to my goddaughter’s birthday party at a Gymboree on Saturday afternoon, and we had to wear socks to be in the play area.

I had a breakdown on Saturday morning when one of the doctors in my practice I go to wouldn’t write me a note to stop working. This past week has its ups and downs for sure, but I feel like I’m in a better mood than I was one week ago. My socks would barely fit on my feet AND when I took them off, the logo of the sock brand was imprinted into my feet for about an hour.
If my favorite doctor in the world doesn’t write me one tonight, I’ll be back to work tomorrow. As my cousin, who is a L&D nurse, keeps telling me – every day they’re in right now is 3 days less NICU time!

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