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Am 38 weeks today, but am having serious headache, carttah and cough and more so, am hving sleepless nights and back pain. Iam 38 weeks today and since yesterday morning I'm having vaginal discharge more than normal, I'm afraid is this normal or not?
We want to make your experience easy and help you quickly find information that matters to you. Over the weekend and early this week, I was trying to be as inactive as I could tolerate because Spencer was over 7 hours away at the conference tournament. Though his job as a college baseball coach never really slows, he can at least recruit locally till we have her. Of course, we have clothes for her both gifted and donated, but I’m more focused on other baby essentials.
Ashley, who I think of as my twin: we are both blonde, love CrossFit and running, and have beautiful goldens (Cooper has a HUGE crush on her pup Olivia), sent us the SWEETEST care package. Cooper is so cute, picking out the baby toy ?? At 3 wks, Ashlyn stopped fussing when the doggies licked her, now she sleeps through it. There are some cute items out there and I’m sure I’ll succumb to the temptations eventually! Since you asked, we’re heading to Yellowstone and the Tetons this weekend, and Scott is doing a 5k tomorrow.
Best doggie advice I got with my first baby was to take the blanket they used to swaddled them and brin it to your dog while you’re in the hospital. I would definitely go with the whole 4-5 minutes apart thing (and I know you probably don’t believe me – but you WILL know when they are real contractions!

We were supposed to camp, but with all the rain New England has been getting we stayed home. One hint may come from the size of your baby – boys tend to be slightly heavier than girls.
I’ve heard we don’t want to get to the hospital tooooo early, but better safe than sorry!
You look amazing and like you are carrying high still (but I have no clue what I’m saying). I’ve told my husband he was lucky we had a boy because I cannot resist the cute girly stuff. Just a few weeks ago I was SOOOO done being pregnant and now I kinda miss my belly (but not the aches and pains associated with it). Of course, that’s when I packed up and got in the car — and they quickly became 2-3 minutes apart!
I started following your blog about a month ago because I too am due with a baby in June (#2 for me). We brought a baby blanket with her scent on it to the hospital and got the baby’s scent on it, so when we returned home Pumpkin (our dog) could smell both her and the baby. Babies at week 39 weigh between 3kg and 3.2kg and continue to build the fat stores that will help regulate body temperature after birth. Intrauterine growth of live-born Caucasian infants at sea level: Standards obtained from measurements in 7 dimensions of infants born between 25 and 44 weeks of gestation. And I called my doctor she asked me to took only paracetamol, plenty fruits and water and rest that the headache will definitely go. To learn more about our cookies, including how to opt out, please review our privacy policy.

Brain development is in high gear and will continue at that pace for the next 3 years of her life. We didn’t do it with my second baby and Saint (the dog) is way more attached and protective of our oldest. You are sooo right now to buy any clothes please everyone lovessss buying baby clothes its crazy. Even after your baby is born, it may take a few hours before he establishes a normal breathing pattern. To be honest, I was pretty nervous about him being so far away–it was something out of our control just like labor.
If you haven’t started walking him with a stroller I would give it a shot now so he knows what to do! Most white European babies are born with dark blue eyes and their true eye colour – be it brown, green, grey or blue – may not reveal itself for weeks or months.
Most babies of African and Asian descent have dark grey or brown eyes at birth, but it won't be clear what precise shade their eyes will be until after the first six months or year. I’m carrying high again this time and am hoping this little girl isn’t much bigger!

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